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Project Status
[Image: ppspacesig.png]


The current status of the project will be kept here for quick access to those who periodically check up on the project.
We will try to keep the project status as brief and as up to date as possible.


Update - 28/09/2012

Progression is currently slow due to real life issues. However work on the core elements of the project has begun. Tonberry is currently working on Dathomir. Due to this planet being particularly popular as "end-game" we felt it would be a good choice to start with. A large portion of terrain work has already been completed and despite the slow progress recently, the planet is already looking significantly better.

Work on Tatooine has also begun as well as work on various static models seen throughout the game such as signs.

To make up for the lack of visible progress, next month we will hopefully be posting some images of experiments, screenshots and renders to act as a form of developer diary, accompanied by commentary. This content should highlight the level of enhancement within the project and how far we hope to push it.

Update - 22/08/2012

We are currently in a research and experimentation phase. This basically means no solid work on the modification itself has been going on, however, we have been putting a lot of effort into potential ways of improving the overall quality of the work to come. It is important we get as much preparation of this nature done as possible prior to starting on the modification itself.

Timbab is currently experimenting with shaders in order to get the best result out of them we can before any work is put into textures and normal maps. So far he has made some interesting progress and will soon be moving on to begin work on textures for the project.

Tonberry has been working on more miscellaneous experiments, as well as smaller tasks like organizing the project resources into a suitable structure prior to starting the project.

Measures have been taken so the project will always exist in multiple copies, across multiple systems, which can be reverted to previous versions when necessary. This means no data will be lost and development will be quicker.

We expect to get the ball rolling on the actual core elements of the modification over the next couple of days.


Team members are encouraged to keep progress journals.
If you wish to see a more in depth view of the project we recommend you follow these journals as they will be more in depth.
Update added - 28th September 2012.
Is this project still in the works?
Due to real life issues we've not made much progress yet but we have in no way abandoned the project. All the work done up until now is safe and we intend to continue as soon as things settle down, which will likely be early in the new year.
How are things? Hope all is well Smileo
Complete inactivity due to irl, so much has happened this year!

Hope to return to it too though.
Is this still being worked on? I'd love to contribute...
how are things going with this project?
It was going so well! Ah well. I've hope that the SWG modding will enter overdrive once Emu adds Jump to Lightspeed and calls the game "finished"

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