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Question about changing Ship Appearance
I'm trying to change a V-Wing into a YT1300 with working engines.

I've changed yt1300_r0.apt to vwing_body.apt. It left the backside of the engine open.
[Image: bd8dea5c3d685336a52b225c0e6f3493.png]

I used yt1300_engine_s01.apt and yt1300_engine_s01_on.apt respectively to replace these files:  vwing_engine_01.apt, vwing_engine_02.apt, vwing_engine_glow_01.apt, vwing_engine_glow_02.apt
However, to no effect, the engine was still wide open. I tested the yt1300_engine_s01_on.apt on a vwing_wing_bottom.apt with the result of the engine appearing, but it was askew and on the side. The hole was still there nor did the engine react to the engine speed.

Anyone got any tips or is my attempt too complicated or not possible?

Edit: Tested the same replacement method with A-wing + engines respectively and it worked properly.

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