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question on planet_crc_string_table.iff
** updated ** with my findings

is it additive when I add another planet? I see from the swg TREs it appears it is... (using SIE)

Question 1a: does the entry really need the terrain/ ? in another post someone said it didn't Q1b: do I perform a build after adding ? what else am I missing ? lol

Answer: you can remove the /terrain and the file extension .. it works great for me.

OK second question: solved (updated) hope it helps someone else in the future...

the original problem : I had a TRE file added and working with one planet... Then another added and it didn't work ... here is what I had not done correctly.

1. had a traced back the changes to a .trn file ... I had a SGRP FAM deleted and still called out by an ASCN ID.. basically found a texture being called for and somehow was deleted.

2. corrupted config.lua on server... replaced entire file with new one from GIT, then added zones and TRE. (note the latest update from unstable has a changed file)

the false positives in runUnitTests didn't prevent all the strange messages and server not booting up.

One thing is to remember to close any LUA file you might have open still in your VM..

The invalid TRE path and seg errors went away after both above and 3 days of trial and error.

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