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Question on Snapshot updates and clientobject.db
Is this still accurate for new and or updates? And what is meant by saving it before shutdown?  thanks

"new snapshot file to the database is to delete the existing /bin/databases/clientobjects.db file and let the server rebuild it when it starts. Just make sure you save the server once you get to "[Core] initialized" as this is an easy file to break if it is not saved correctly before you shutdown the server."  <- Lasko's guide

If I do that I am getting this error when restarting:
(0 s) [DatabaseManager] loaded database version: 6

(0 s) [DatabaseManager] bdb databases loaded

(0 s) [TemplateManager] ERROR - Slot definitions can't be found.

(0 s) [TemplateManager] ERROR - Planet map categories could not be found.

(0 s) [TemplateManager] loading asset customization manager

(0 s) [TemplateManager] ERROR - Asset customization manager data not found.

(0 s) [TemplateManager] Loading object templates

Loading templates: [0%] (0 s) [TemplateManager] WARNING - Could not find referenced Structure Footprint file: footprint/battlefield/shared_destructible_base.sfp

Loading templates: [98%]

(2 s) [TemplateManager] Finished loading object templates

(2 s) [TemplateManager] 0 portal layouts loaded

(2 s) [TemplateManager] 0 floor meshes loaded

(2 s) [TemplateManager] 0 structure footprints.

(2 s) [ServerDatabase0] connecting to

(2 s) [ServerDatabase0] ERROR - 1045: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
(2 s) [ObjectDatabase clientobjects.db] database closed

More info / update
after latest update .. adding the zone for the second planet within the same TRE give this error, if I comment the zone load the server loads fine and the first planet

(0 s) [StackTrace] WARNING -
terminate called recursively
Exception aborted with cause 6 at

any ideas?

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