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Request for help :O
so i was experimenting as a noob using TRE's from other servers that were premade, I.E darklight, and extracting chains of certain items such as grievous, weapons and armor... i packed the TRE and through it on my server but when i go to spawn the item it does nothing.. throws 0 errors serverside or client side but i don't get the item.. everything in the LUA's must be set up correctly considering it processes the command with no errors.. i'm not sure where i am going wrong with the TRE's. is there something i should be doing different for the server side tre's rather than the client side or?
A first good step would be to not use anything DarkLight made.
well, i've used other custom tre's that ive seen work on servers and for whatever reason idk if chain extracting just the objects is enough and adding those crc's to the table but thats pretty much the steps i've taken.

1) Chain Extract Object's only (assuming all necessary files get extracted with it)
2) Pack the contents with TrePacker
3) use said .tre in client and server.

anything else im missing?

im using SIE, i've tried getting serverside appearance for all .apt files but still not getting anywhere.. *shrug*
lost cause?
Haven't tried this with the Darklight tre but....

Try it with the proper NGE tre's first... at least this way you'll know that the tre's are ok and it's not your process that has an error somewhere.

There is a guide here that I assume you followed.
Thanks lasko!

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