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Request: sample code for patrolling npc in screenplay please
Hi, I have reviewed a couple of dungeon screenplays, but I am still a bit lost. 

The example I would ask for to learn from is for a npc patrolling between 3 points. 

Can someone point to or provide a sample?

Thanks in advance!!

#n00bScreenplayGuy  Blush
Update: with some tweaks - I have it working now ...


it seems if i use a droid  with these parameters- they spawn and work i.e. patrol :  

so is the key to have the first and third as below?

pvpBitmask = ATTACKABLE,
creatureBitmask = NONE,
optionsBitmask = AIENABLED,

thanks !


I think I still need help .... I have npcs moving / patrolling

I have same logic for droids and they don't patrol.... am I needing to do something different? Looking at the Jabba code - there should be no issues.

Is there a known issue of non-npcs not able to patrol?

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