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Resizing (upscaling) textures
After reading this very interesting information about resizing images http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/resize/, I got to wondering if there would be a benefit to increasing the size of textures in SWG.

Obviously the best option is to replace or remake the textures, but I don't have the skill or time for that. The next best option is to increase the size while minimising blur or other unwanted artifacts. Once the best configuration settings are found, the conversion process can be scripted.

I'm willing to spend a decent chunk of time doubling or quadrupling the size of various (all?) textures using various upscaling algorithms. But is it worth it? I understand I am not adding new information or greater definition.

I imagine one place where it would be worth it is where a small texture is stretched over a larger area. Using a larger texture would result in less stretching.

Are there any thoughts on this idea?

I have a question too, is there any documentation regarding what textures are used in different "biomes" or areas? I can get an idea from the filenames, but I'm sure somebody has spent time on this already.
I'm not the person to ask about resizing, but as to documentaion.....

SWG and documentation are two words not commonly found in the same sentence...... Unless followed by "lack of", although it is improving. But...

The easiest way to find what shaders go where, is to open a .trn file in SIE and look at the SGRP family, it's the first family group at the top.

It'll tell you what shaders are used on that particular planet. If you wanna look deeper, then look in the layer family and it'll tell you where.

I've never seen an actual list of what's where though.
Thanks Lasko that's very useful info.

I was a bit overwhelmed by how the textures are spread throughout the various .tre files and the task was starting to look more difficult than it ought to be. But now that I have a better idea of how textures are organised or referenced, I think I can make some good progress.

I'm not expecting great quality improvements, but at the very least we'll end up with a set (or sets) of (correctly) resized textures that an actual artist can work on/from. If it's not too tricky I'd like to make sets of textures like e.g Terrain, Housing etc.
I'd be very interested in checking out / testing the results of this Smile

Good luck with that project!
I'd be very interested in checking out

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