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[RESOLVED] Client Crash with custom TRE
EDIT 2: Well, this is a bit embarrassing. I managed to fix the issue myself! Using the Dump crash data I managed to figure out that it was shaders causing the crash. I continued to eliminate Engine Rendering specific files (like Pixel Renderer) from my files and eventually got it working. Moderators, if you think this post is redundant, please delete it. I opted to keep it up incase anyone had the exact same issue and needed assistance. I, however, would love if anyone could help explain to me what is going on? 


I've understood the principles of SWG's files for a while but I just recently got into TRE manipulation and creation. My current goal is to add a few items into the game to test it out for future additions, however I've hit a roadblock.

I used the BARC Speeder Tutorial to get the workflow down, and I am using SIE (3503 release). 

The Problem:
The client is crashing on connecting to the server while the TRE is installed in the client folder. The progress bar will reach 100% and then give a generic "SWGEmu has stopped working". 

Error Seen here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2165...eport1.PNG
The Dump report is saying that the exception code is '0x80000003, described as "A breakpoint was encountered"

The TRE file has been installed on the server, and the server runs smoothly, and I can connect without any issue if I delete the TRE file in the client, but keep it in the server. 

I am attempting to add the following files to the game: 

It should be noted that this crash was occurring after attempting to add the BARC from the tutorial as well. 

Additionally, when the TRE is installed, one of my characters, wearing the basic Artisan Starting Profession outfit, has this appearance:
When I remove the TRE, it reverts back to normal. 

Here is how my swgemu_live.cfg is set up for TRE files:

I get the feeling I am missing something or doing some part of the process critically wrong. If anyone could help me figure out precisely what is going on and how to correct it, I will greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you so much in advance! 

Additional Information:
1. Using Windows 7 Operating System
2. Have tested connecting with the SWGEmu Launchpad and the pure EXE, problem persisted.
3. When SIE completes the packing of the TRE, it requires that I press "Done" to complete the packing despite the fact that the Checkbox is checked for automatically closing
4. I was able to successfully open the TRE with SIE and seemingly saw nothing out of the ordinary.

EDIT: I forgot to include the dump text file for the crash. 
automated crash dump from SWGEmu.exe stage.119798

SWGEmu.exe: stage.119798
unknown location : FATAL 9bba1308: Could not compile shader vertex_program/tfcl_2uv.vsh 2905

Ram: 4095mb
Os1: 6.1.7601
Os2: Unknown Service Pack 1
NumProc: 4
GameFeatureBits: 1000100001110001
SubscriptionFeatureBits: 1
DiscardDynamicBuffersAtBeginningOfFrame: 0
VideoMemory: 4038
GameResolution: 1920 1080
VideoAdapter: -1/3
D3dDevice: 0x10de 0x1183
D3dDriver: 9.18.0013.5012
ShaderCapability: 2.0
Contact: 0
ObjectTemplate_Constructor: object/tangible/crafting/station/shared_public_clothing_station.iff
ObjectTemplate_Iff: object/tangible/crafting/station/shared_public_clothing_station.iff
AppearanceTemplate: appearance/mesh/thm_corl_imprv_wall_4x16_s03_l0.msh
ShaderTemplate_Iff: shader/rebl_int_wall_a_cd8.sht
MeshAppearanceTemplate: appearance/mesh/mun_all_military_storage_shed_rebl_s01_r1_entry_mesh_entry.msh
SkeletalAnimationTemplate: appearance/animation/bth_m_face_idl.ans
SkeletalMeshGeneratorTemplateAsync: appearance/mesh/boots_s05_m_l0.mgn
Terrain: terrain/dathomir.trn
Player: 582.72  6.00 3089.69
BytesAllocated: 81630096 81630096 81630096 81630096 102953440
MainLoop: 322
UpTime: 8
Cluster: swgemudev
Appreciate the edit. Smile

But to make a general comment, I'd advise against porting NGE .eft and .vsh/.psh. They're set up for the NGE shader pipe and either flat out won't work with preCU out of the box or look awful.

Unless you modify them all and set them up properly, I'd suggest simply linking to an .eft that can be found in preCU, something that is comparable (Of course this also idealy needs modification in the .sht to set it up proper, but yeah).

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