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Restoration sounds FX
Hi , im not a coder, as we see in many posts i made xd but i can help or atleast do things in a sound area that is "my house", this type of things put me on work and learn things. Its the first time i try to restore sounds form a pc game 

What i want to do is, correct all the FX sounds, or the most iconic sounds ingame... at 2016 there's no more need to compress audios to much to fit the low spec pc's out there...(atleast if there is no code that don't permit that , this i dont know xd) all sounds ( mostly ) are hi-cut at 10Khz (less freqs more compressed sound, less bytes), and this means no brigthness to the sound... so the other day i started a project to restore all those lost frequencies... there are a lot of sounds so, i dont think ill do all xd but yes the most iconic or atleast the sounds more common, like swoops, shuttles, light sabers, pets like krayts or kimo (for me are common those pets ) and so on... 

I use SAMPLE folder because SOUND folder its in snd format and i need to convert first. So i started first with sample, i dont know what folder calls the game i hope sample because is what i started... if no well i will start with the .snd

First this will not make the game sound be epic, because im working on a compressed sound, it can't be better because im limited to the compression the sound has... im only bringing back the range of 10khz-20khz. Im trying to stick to the original sound without alteration...atleast minor alteration possible... this is not the final release so more tweaks will come... some sounds now are a bit brighty because of the first impact, first time, first oh nice, then later... tweaks will come....

This is more like for ppl like me that say uff need brightness xd really the diference its not a huge gap, this will be more noticieable with monitors / headphones , laptop pc's with small speakers will not be the best way to try the full experience due to the lack of good speakers.... beacuse not only i add in the high freq spec, i also colored a little bit some lower freqs... a shuttle port that not blow up your hair it's not a shuttleport...

Also im human and errors can be, if something don't like comment, if you think about a sound comment, and if you know if im doing well to later put this ingame tellme, because i started reedo sounds, but i dont know how put this later ingame i think using folder in client side? or just repack in tre to client/server side? im not 100% sure.

A example:

Original sound swoop:


Tweaked sound swoop:


Original Kimogila:


Tweaked Kimogila:


As i said the diference it's noticieable yes , but more for audiophile ppl xd Smile

I'll update when i finish what sounds i altered, and if you like and want add more sounds, just tell me Smile


Put sample folder inside directory of swgemu still WIP.

Awesome work! Sound is half the atmosphere of the game! I was curious if you were intending on altering the file compression of the planetary themes, as I think that would be a great immersive sound to improve!

Other than that, awesome stuff! Thanks for posting the originals as well for comparison.
thnx Smile atm i have more sounds reworked, music need's to clean, theres "hum" and some mass electricity sounds in there... to much "analog bad configurations when recording those musics " :/

Music cuts around 16khz its diferent from FX sounds. I can add the miss high range zone, but the improvement is less noticieable.

Also for interest xd people up to 40 years its hard to listen above 16-17khz due to the size of the ears, so mostly those changes a lot of people will not listen at all xD

Also i dont want to touch dinamics since i love how those music is done...so those high freq range are not to much colored... just cleaning little if needed.

I'll post more sounds when finished Smile


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