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Rigging up Scout Armor...need some help/advice
I have replaced the .sat and .lmg files of the short sleeved shirt with the NPC scout trooper armor. I now look like this:

[Image: wliy.jpg]

However, you can tell there is some serious clipping going on with the model. Furthermore, to people without the modified files I am butt naked minus the shirt!

Is there any way to do the following:

-Clean up the clipping so hair, skin, etc don't show through the "armor"
-Force an override so that folks with the mod only see the "armor," but folks without the mod see the rest of the person's clothes
Why aren't you just replacing an armor?

The problem you'll encounter just replacing one piece, it'll screw with how the client handles each separate piece of clothing, you'll also encounter that 'naked' problem, due to equipment slots being overwritten.

Just replace like, padded armor, piece by piece with scout trooper armor (not the NPC full armor .sat, but the actual scout trooper armor, the one that's 'wearable'.)
I would love to, but its a request/requirement by the CO.

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