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Screenplay Object
Hi Guys !

I work on few screenplays at the moment.
I have a little problems of positions for spawnobject. I have difficultes for find a good axe on position.
Have you got a guide on this ?

Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks by advance.
Hi, welcome Totor! I'm impressed that you're working on screenplay - that's something I just begun to mess with, so I may not be the best person to help you.

About your question. Are you asking how to find the coordinates to place an item down in the screenplay?

Try thumbing through some of Tatwi's guides on his website as well:

He is a member here and I have been learning a lot from his site! Particularly about some of his screenplay tricks.

Yes, i work too with Tatwi's screenplays, he make a very good job.

For screenplays, i use spawnmobile and spawnobject.
The first, it's ok, spawnmobile is very simple to use. The second is more difficult. Not for X,Z,Y positions, but when i make object :

spawnSceneObject(“tatooine”, “object/tangible/camp/camp_tent_s1.iff”, -2980.62, 5.0, 2528.85, 0, 0.963207, 0, -0.268761, 0)

I don't know where to find this stats. When i change this values, the object is more tall or big or whatever.

I want make new decor without revise the trn file. I use sytner editor for find angle but it's very difficult.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but would using a world snapshot work better for spawning the scene objects and statics? I've been finding it easier to mess around with the snapshot files for scenery.

Hmm, I haven't had trouble with that myself, but could you look at other screenplays that may contain similar items? Then use their dimension data for your screenplay - or at least to get an approximate value?

I know someone will post soon enough with much more knowledge!
I use just screenplay lua .


On this picture, you can see table or data terminal. I want just repositioned this object on my screenplay.

So i make :

spawnSceneObject("tatooine", "object/tangible/furniture/imperial/table_s1.iff", 3471, 5.0, -4821, 0, 0.7, 0, 1, 0)

spawnSceneObject("tatooine", "object/static/structure/general/data_terminal_s2.iff", 3464, 5.0, -4826, 0, 40, 0, 1, 0)

For me the stats on bold is stats to angle, but i think "qu'il manque un je ne sais quoi....".
Thanks for your help.


My question is :

What is a good correlation beetwen ox and oy, if i make ox = 4,5350 ?

Bouarf Maths.
Instead of using 10 arguments (the orientation x,y,z,w) you can optionally use 7 arguments instead, the last one being a quaternion.

You would then use:
spawnSceneObject(zoneName , objectTemplateString, x, y, z, 0, math.rad(degreeOrientation))

math.rad calls a Lua built-in library to convert the degrees of an angle (-180 to 180) to a radian.

So to take your first example, it would be:
spawnSceneObject("tatooine", "object/tangible/furniture/imperial/table_s1.iff", 3471, 5.0, -4821, 0, math.rad(60)) which would covert it to the angle 60 out of 360.
Ok i go look this library and make a test with your proposition.

But if i write in 10 arguments :

spawnSceneObject("tatooine", "object/tangible/furniture/imperial/table_s1.iff", 3471, 5.0, -4821, 0, 0.2545, 0, 1, 0)

I must change value 1, for balance no ?


With 7 arguments is very simple. Many thanks to all.

spawnSceneObject("tatooine", "object/tangible/furniture/imperial/table_s1.iff", 3471, 5.0, -4821, 0, math.rad(-70))


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