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Seeking help on Implementing GM RP Commands
Hello everyone!

I'm trying to put together some things for my server involving GameMastered roleplaying, and there's a few things that are pretty important to setting up a scene for players, that don't really exist in SWGEmu Core3 in any known form.

I'm still very new to C++, and I'm hoping I can get some advice on how I may potentially implement the commands I'm aiming for. Any help, tips or whatnot would be greatly appreciated!

Primarily, I'm wanting to try and attempt to implement three commands into the game.

1. NPC "Say" command
This one is pretty straight forward. GM Targets NPC, uses command, inputs one string argument which is a message, and the NPC speaks the argument given. For this one, I'm in a bit of a haze trying to figure out how to grab the target of the player, and then getting that NPC to emit a spoken string. I've been trying to research other targeted commands and trying to find the commands to make a creature object say something.

2. Admin Invisibility
I swear this one existed at one point in the Emu's lifetime, where you can make yourself invisible to everyone but yourself and other admins. I've scoured the list of admin commands but the closest I can find is "Invulnerability." I have to wonder, does cloaking actually exist prior to the Combat Upgrade? It was a Jedi Power during that time, and later cloaking was implemented for Spies in the NGE. Does the functionality exist to even be implemented? If so, how does one reference that in a command?

3. Force Follow on NPCs, or, Control NPC
Ideally, this would be a command where the GM can actually take control of another NPC and move them around like a player, but I suspect that this functionality flatout doesn't exist in the game. Logically, you'd need to make the controlled object of the player belong to an NPC instead of their own character, but I doubt it works that way. So my alternative solution for NPC control is a command to force an NPC to follow the DM, or another player. Paired with invisibility, to players, it would seem that an NPC is walking on it's own, when in reality it's just following the GM character around.

Generally, pretty simple, I would think. These three commands would go a long way towards adding a new spice to Event Co-ordinators, and potentially be useful to all servers using mods. Even if no one's able to help, I plan to post any end results I do get to this thread, so everyone can share in it, if I make any headway on my own.
/invuln invis is the command for Admin Invisibility.

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