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Server Help
I know that the MTG site isn't necessarily the best place to ask for a complete guide to running a server, but if anyone knows where to find one please reply. I've got it built, and when I run ./run_dev, this is the screen, which sits there eternally doing nothing after this point. So I know something's wrong but I don't know what.

TemplateManager::getTemplateFile exception unknown template key 0x57c85bb0
/home/swgemu/workspace/MMOCoreORB/build/unix/src/../../../src/server/zone/managers/templates/TemplateManager.cpp:794 (discriminator 6)
/home/swgemu/workspace/MMOCoreORB/build/unix/src/../../../src/server/zone/managers/object/ObjectManager.cpp:816 (discriminator 1)
/home/swgemu/workspace/MMOCoreORB/build/unix/src/../../../src/server/zone/managers/planet/PlanetManagerImplementation.cpp:205 (discriminator 3)
/home/swgemu/workspace/MMOCoreORB/build/unix/src/../../../src/server/zone/managers/planet/PlanetManagerImplementation.cpp:64 (discriminator 4)

Thanks guys.
Maybe a crc error I dont think thats all of the info
Moved to Server Content Discussion.
You don't say what your actually doing to get the error message, so it could be one of many things.... But the server is trying to create an object it doesn't understand.

Typo in one/many of the object Luas.
CRC error.

If it's a new build and you haven't altered anything, then getstarted fresh is your friend.

If your adding stuff (which is more likely with this error), then a little more info would be helpul

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