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Server Set Up
First I have to say I am very pleased that the SWGEMU lives on, I had no clue things were still kicking till about 8 months ago.  I stumbled upon this site and after reading a bit I decided to have a dedicated personal server built solely for SWGEMU in hopes that it would give me the chance to learn code and create some original content that hopefully others might enjoy as the game now is truly limitless I guess in a virtual sense.  My background is not computers, or related fields but I am trying to figure out where to source the best place for assistance in getting directions on how to build a private server as it seems there are numerous posts on the subject and some seem to contradict each other.  I am trying to get a step by step guide for those that little or no experience in servers as I am not even sure what operating system to use Linux or Windows (its my understanding Windows is not the choice to make).  Any help would be great appreciated and if someone didn't want to take the time I would be happy to pay for the services.

Hi..... And welcomeSmile

From what you say in your post I'll make this as simple and as painless as i canSmile

For setting up a server you currently have two main options. There are others but we wont go into those here or now.

1. Use a virtual machine to do your development work on (for use on a Windows machine).

2. Set up a dedicated machine to use as a server (dedicated Linux server).

By far the easiest and most popular is option 1, use a virtual machine (VM). This is a file you can download and unzip and then run using VM Player. The player runs the file which is basically a Linux operating system and is fully loaded with all the pre-requisites to get you started. All of the groundwork has been done setting it up and you don't need to be a programming guru to get it working.

Option 2, I would only recommend if your familiar with such operating systems and know how to download and install software on them. There are guides on how to do that, but if you've never done that kind of thing before option 1 is the better way forward.... At least for now.

I'll just explain in a little more detail the difference between the two and why the windows version may not be so bad as some may suggest.

Firstly if your setting up a server that your going to open up to the public and market as somewhere to come and play then the windows VM is definitely not the best option, most of the PC's resources are being used to run Windows not the actual server so it won't take a very big active population to start to impact performance. Where as a "Native" Linux installation is able to dedicate all the machines resources to run the server. It gets a little more complicated than that but that'll do for now.

But..... And it's a pretty big But!!!

If your learning code or developing content etc, then the VM is the way forward as it'll be just you on the server and you'll be mostly using it as a tool rather than somewhere to play so performance is not so much of an issue. You'll find it's what most people use to develop on (including me) as it's far easier to install, you can have different ones set up on the same machine for different projects and if you do some thing wrong (and you will believe me), you can just delete it and re install rather than having to rebuild the whole machine.

So let's assume your going to use the VM to learn on (you can always set up a dedicated box later, once your happy working with the system), what do i need?

A Windows PC. Pretty much any modern 64bit machine will be fine. But as always with a PC, bigger is better!
VM Player
The VM Image

There is a good guide to setting it up HERE.

There are some good guides here for stuff to do but I would recommend reading through the stickied guides HERE.

Have a go at setting it up and if you run into any difficulties just PM me here or reply in this thread.

I highly recommend joining our IRC chat channel,  it's quiet sometimes but I'm usually around , if not always at the keyboard, but the chat is persistent so just ask your question and me or someone will answer when we get back.

Once you get set up, we can talk more if you like. And I definitely don't need paying Angel

Just enjoy the process and once again, welcomeSmile
First thanks for the reply, I will certainly set up in Windows based on what you outlined makes the most sense for sure. Hopefully this weekend I can get started and get this thing up and running, much appreciated
I would recommend using a Virtual Machine development environment. If you screw it up you can always just reload the VM from a backed up copy.

If you don't know linux, trying to set up your own dedicated box without any knowledge is going to be a very trying process.
Agreed the VM is the route I am going to take as I understand it performance on the server should not be an issue if you keep remote users to a bare minimum which I might do from time to time to test anything which I've created or tweaked.
Does anyone else have a 'corrupt file' issue when downloading the VM Image? The file is the 1.1 gb compressed download; however my computer is usually only able to download about 100mb before the download ends and I'm left with a 'corrupted' file that doesn't have anything in it.
Which VM image are you trying to DL? Link it and I'll take a look.


I've just checked the MTG server VM and that DL's fine. If it's the official Emu VM, then you would need to ask over on their forums.

But while I think about it, the Emu have made a new VM to use so they may have pulled the original one?????
Thanks for the reply Lasko, I ended up setting up a Dev-env using Lord Kator's new 2016 method. Worked seamlessly and was very convenient.
How do we unblock the Geo cave and DWB??? there is a red wall infront of both and as a player I cant get in there, only admin can. All spawn seams to be there, just locked to players.

Plz help
I'm not too familiar with the Geo cave, but question on the DWB. Did you talk to Bobba in Jabba's palace and get the mission?

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