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Shadow Fixes?
Hi Folks,

Had two questions.

First off, is it possible to change how shadows are displaying? If so, how? (ie. tree leaves are transparent when shadows come on leaves)

[Image: F2In6ep.jpg]

Second, for things like bloom and light, is it possible to change how shadows interact with those? (ie. shadow consumes illuminating light off of a street lamp)

[Image: PjKbhvg.jpg]

I love the shadows in SWG, but cannot stand these things, and was wondering if there was anything that could possibly fix these, such as changing shader code?

Thanks! Smile

This is probably a question best answered by Sytner but what I can say is over SWG's lifespan there have been a lot of people who have attempted to revamp shadows.

I would say none of them have really been successful aside from making them a little more faint to better blend in with darker environments. The game is old now, very very old so the shadows being so sharp and snappy is no surprise really.

I think the best option is to wait for our resident graphical genius Sytner to add epic high resolution soft shadows, volumetric clouds and seamless space to planet flying. I have no doubt they're all on his mind in some shape or form Tongue

But to give a direct answer no I don't think there is any easy way to fix them and the tweaks I've seen in the past have been so minor a lot of people wouldn't notice. The one thing you can feel good about is they aren't half as bad or buggy in pre-cu as they looked in NGE.

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