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SIE 3.6
SIE About/Guide thread here.

Download SIE

A 'quick' fix to address some complaints before the impending 4.0 update, which will release before the end of the year (or the next decade).
  • New Features
    • General
      • LibSWB no longer depends on Qt.
      • Added the ability to move the camera in the renderer faster while holding Ctrl.
      • Added a new logger which dumps to "/Logs/sie<sessionID>.log". , 
        • Old logs get deleted on startup by default, unless "logDeleteOldLogs" is set to false inside settings.lua.
        • One can also set the amount displayed with "logNumLinesDisplayed" inside settings.lua, the default is 50.
    • CRC Editor
      • Added the ability to add files to the table from a folder (including all its subfolders).
    • IFF Editor
      • Added a History tab containing recently made changes in the current editor. This allows for multiple undos at once.
      • SIE now shipping with all templates by default
    • Repository
      • Added support for Targa File (.TGA) preview.
    • WS Editor
      • Added "wsNodeRadiusMax" field to settings.lua, which allows one to set the maximum value for the control. The default is 2048.
  • Fixes/Changes
    • CRC Editor
      • Fixed a bug that added duplicates on table Merge.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed empty entries to be added.
    • IFF Editor
      • Fixed a bug that allowed keybindings to trigger events without the IFF Editor tab being in focus, this also fixes conflicts if multiple IFF Editor tabs were open. It should now work the same way as other Editors.
      • Fixed a critical issue when editing strings or arrays of strings in the 'Template values' window.
    • Repository
      • Fixed an error that occurred when "enableRenderer" in settings.lua was set to false.
      • Renamed "repositoryInTab" to "repoInTab" in settings.lua.
    • WS Editor
      • Fixed an error that occurred when "enableRenderer" in settings.lua was set to false.
      • Fixed a bug with WS Node Count (Bottom left) not being updated.
      • Removed the limit of 512 on the radius that Nodes can have.

A note on requirements

For anyone that has had trouble getting the tool to run, I discovered some additional dependencies while installing from scratch on a VM. These may no longer be required as library dependencies have been updated and removed so ymmv:
  • Meet the requirements above
  • Extract all files to a folder of your choice
  • Change any configuation options you wish for (what tree files are loaded, if to use override files from the SWG directory and so on)
If you get a crash on launch having met the requirements and correctly extracted the files, it may be due to windows blocking dlls. The solution is to right click on the dlls -> choose Properties -> click the Unblock button).

[Image: LpJ34.png]
Time to see what I can break.
(2016-12-06, 03:29 AM)Halyn Wrote: Time to see what I can break.

I'll be impressed if it even works and I haven't missed some new dependency with all the under-the-hood changes in this one Tongue.

Edit: just did a sneaky update to 3.6a - I built the .exe with different settings to normal which made startup slower. Please grab the new one instead.
[Image: c9f8b2ee726649609c1e77e11d819ac7.jpg]
[Image: Vidi.gif]
Editing the first entry in a string file is still bugged.
(2016-12-07, 12:44 AM)Halyn Wrote: Editing the first entry in a string file is still bugged.

Bah, didn't even know that was a thing.
Yeah, had forgotten about it, that fix is on another branch, forgot to merge it over.

But whatever, will be in the next update anyway. I'm 100% aiming for end of Dec 2018 once I'm back at home proper, regardless if all I wanted is ready or not, as long as the core stuff is overhauled and added.

Fixed the following in the .STF editor a while back:

"Fixed the Value editing textbox being partially hidden/'off screen' for the first, second and last entry."
December 2018? Sounds right. Tongue
(2016-12-07, 01:34 AM)Timbab Wrote: I'm 100% aiming for end of Dec 2018...

[Image: 28ccca40156a1cceba4626a46687a183.jpg]
[Image: Vidi.gif]
My phantom edit just edged closer to truth. Heart

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