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SIE 3.7
SIE About/Guide thread here.

Download SIE

Originally this was just supposed to be a hotfix of critical bugs that were recently found, but I've decided to merge the .WS Editor and Datatable Editor features from the big update over to this. I'm still working on the big update, but I've been away from the scene and SWG due to IRL for quite some time, only just now getting back into the flow of things with SWG. 
  • New Features
    • Datatable Editor
      • Added a 'Clear Sorting' button, that lets you return to the default order the datatable is in. 
      • Added the ability to import TSV and CSV datatables, though they require proper formatting:
        • First line: Column names wrapped in quotation marks, Example: "stringId"
        • Second line: Column types, wrapped in quotation marks, default values can be included by wrapping it inside of braces following the column type, Example: "i[255]"
          • Possible column types are:
            • "s" - string, Example: "s[string Example]"
            • "i" - int32, Example: "i[255]"
            • "f" - float, Example: "f[3.5]"
            • "b" - boolean, Example: "b[1]"
            • "h" - uint32 (CRC32), this doesn't need a default value, as the default is 0, Example: "h"
            • "e" - enum, this requires the enum values to be put in brackets and then a default value from those values, Example: "e(exampleValue1=1,exampleValue2=2)[exampleValue1]"
            • "v" - bit vector, same principle as enum, but you can also choose 'NONE' as its default value, Example: "v(flag1=1,flag2=2)[NONE]"
            • "z" - linked enum, this requires the linked datatable path to be put in between brackets and as default value, choose a value from that datatable, Example: "z(datatables/include/state.iff)[Invalid]"
        • The lines after the first two are the regular datatable rows, Example: "chat_channel_group",33,230,247,true,0x1EDC6F41,exampleValue2,NONE
      • Added the ability to export to TSV.
      • Added "dtMinimumColumnWidth" to settings.lua, which allows you to set a minimum width for column autosize on file load. The default is 70. Note: You can still resize them manually under that value.
      • Added row numbers to the Row Header cells.
      • Added the ability to filter the datatable.
      • Added the ability to save the visual sorting inside the Editor to the underlying datatable itself.
      • Added the ability to suppress Ctrl+Arrow keybinds via button in the toolbar, this button's visibility can be set in the settings.lua via the "dtCtrlArrowsToggleVisible" setting.
      • Added the ability to delete multiple rows at once.
    • WS Editor
      • Added a .WS Merger.
      • Added a Single .WS Rearranger.
      • Added a context menu to the Multi .WS Rearranger that let's you add and remove individual .WS files to the list. Newly added entries have the default minimum ID of 0.
      • Added "wsAllowCellEditing" to settings.lua, to allow the editing of cell position and rotation. This is turned to false, only enable it if you know what you're doing.
      • Added the ability to change the position of selected nodes via offset.
  • Fixes/Changes
    • CRC Editor
      • Fixed duplicates being added when using CRC Table Merge.
    • Datatable Editor
      • Fixed a bug and an error associated with 'Adding' copied rows, as it was based on a number of selected rows and not actually copied rows. 
      • Fixed 2 performance hogs, drastically improving the load times of extremely large datatables.
      • Fixed a bug that incorrectly saved the default values of BitVector columns.
      • Fixed a bug that incorrectly read BitVector cells with multiple items in certain cases.
      • Fixed a bug where it wouldn't save a fresh new row at the bottom if it wasn't manually validated before trying to save.
      • Fixed the Cell and Row Header ContextMenu Paste buttons not being enabled if one copied data from another Datatable.
      • Fixed an issue with copying the wrong content of cells and rows if any sorting was applied to the DataGridView.
      • Fixed a crash when trying to insert a new row via the ContextMenu on the empty bottom row.
      • Fixed a bug that broke Append Row/Add New Row when a table had columns with boolean, float and possibly UInt32 values.
      • Fixed a bug that broke multi row copying into only copying the first row.
      • Fixed a possible error when attempting to delete certain empty rows.
      • Changed the current CSV export to the new standard.
      • Changed and slightly improved the editing of Column default values.
      • Changed the Find function to select the found cell and to make sure it is visible, it also now excludes find hits of DropDown columns.
      • Changed it so that when a full row isn't selected (A full row includes the row header), the 'Delete' keybinding will either set the values of the selected cells to their column specific default value, or to simply empty/zero.
      • Renamed the 'Filter' label to 'Highlight'.
    • STF Editor
      • Fixed the Value editing textbox being partially hidden/'off screen' for the first, second and last entry.
    • WS Editor
      • Changed it so you can set individual starting ID's for each snapshot in the existing Multi .WS Rearranger.
A note on requirements

For anyone that has had trouble getting the tool to run, I discovered some additional dependencies while installing from scratch on a VM. These may no longer be required as library dependencies have been updated and removed so ymmv:
  • Meet the requirements above
  • Extract all files to a folder of your choice
  • Change any configuration options you wish for (what tree files are loaded, if to use override files from the SWG directory and so on)
If you get a crash on launch having met the requirements and correctly extracted the files, it may be due to windows blocking dlls. The solution is to right click on the dlls -> choose Properties -> click the Unblock button).

[Image: LpJ34.png]
Heck yeah
I had trouble getting this to work but found that I needed to set it to run it as administrator to get it going. I don't think I had to do that on older versions so if anyone still has trouble with it, try running it as administrator.
[Image: Vidi.gif]
(2017-06-10, 07:00 PM)Vidi Wrote: I had trouble getting this to work but found that I needed to set it to run it as administrator to get it going.  I don't think I had to do that on older versions so if anyone still has trouble with it, try running it as administrator.

That's odd, nothing changed as far as I know Sad.
I blame Win-doze 10 because it sucks.
[Image: Vidi.gif]

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