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Single player SWG Clone in Unity
So Ive created an RPG engine in unity3d with c# Ive also created a lightsaber system more or less lol... its not QUITE SWG but it will be fun... Oh and i also have a basic space system as well... Anyway Thing is I am going to need some help particularly with content and converting models to fbx format...

Features currently implemented and working
Melee, ranged, and spell combat
full equipment item and inventory system
Full spell system
Full skill system
Full quest and dialog system
Full cutscenes
Loading screens
A Console system with developer commands
Floating Text for combat and other notifications
Full hud system with stats
Database driven
Minimap system
Game saves
and loads of other crap...

Anyone interested shoot me a PM or email me

Here are a few pre alpha screenshots
[Image: ArmorTestSucessful1.png]
[Image: BunkerHallways.png]
[Image: CorelliaBuildingsSmallTown.png]
[Image: CorellianExteriorsTest.png]
[Image: JediTemple1.png]
[Image: SithTempleLit.png]
Bocctyy Kashyyk (sp) in unity3d from swg hm

[Image: 10381995_545590212265755_910760889711713...e=570BAEAF]
I'll admit this is an interesting project...

I'm not the guy to ask about assets, but at the very least this is something I'll keep my eye on.
Its surprisingly playable lol early stages but basic skills spells/abilities combat quests dialog inventory all works there will be very little code that needs to be done for version 1 at this point its all about the assets...
[Image: 12509703_546064915551618_555586211565323...e=570D170F]
New ui WIP Image is actually widescreen i shrunk it ...
Start of Tatooine, Scaled to size same as swg... it is actually huge but unity handles it fine... its the actual swg heighmap... buildings and terrain retextured by me  blah blah blah

[Image: 12523905_546244508866992_277013551594567...e=570C06BF]
Interesting project. I do have one big Q for you tho... What are you going to do with crafting / mining and player structures? is that something unity can handle?

There are enough SW RPG's out there, having one that uses SWG assets alone won't have much impact unless you can implement those "Unique" to SWG features like player houses and complex crafting. Surely crafting can be replicated to some degree, but player houses, resources, and dynamic landscape content is kind of unique (and patented) SWG stuff.

GL tho, I love seeing the screen shots! - Duff
im not doing those in this project... This is the single player version where i get the meat and potatoes running... combat quests the core mechanics... Crafting is in the code but not in the game. Player housing is pretty much useless (Though still something im gunna do cept you only get one house and its more like a base in dragon age. Dynamic content was ONLY needed because they could not fit the game on the cd's without it. unity has no such drawback. That tatooine zone is precisely the trn data from swg to scale that is 16000m x16000m and loads just fine with no size increase. Thus negating the need for dynamic landscape.

And in point of fact there are not that many star wars RPG's... i classify an RPG as a game like kotor... of which there are very few.

That all said the next version will move towards a moba setup and then to an mmo. so this version is a playable single player proof of concept that works out the nuts and bolts of the engine therefore i am not even planning on features that wouldnt make sense in single player


PS I do have a procedural dynamic terrain generation system i have made that does the same thing theirs did but better(and in no way breaks their patent) I just dont see a need to use it in a single player game when you can use LOD and do the same job... its like killing a flea with a bazooka
Let me explain so i dont sound like an asshole lol...

If you read the designer of the SWG Terrain systems blog he wrote about it and read the patent submission info and documentation in the patent itself. The reason they had to come up with that solution was due to the fact that there were at the time, size constraints, resource constraints, and potentially thousands of players on a given planet or server at any one time. Thus you couldnt make a terrain at the time that was in essance the area of 256000000 Sq Meters, fully populated with dynamic rotating mobs resources, player houses the players themselves and so forth.

This being the 21st century and game development having taken leaps and bounds since then along with the fact that not only are computers exponentially more powerful, and most games now are downloaded and quite large in scope. All those reasons to use that type of system are negated simply by advances in the technology, the software, game engines themselves, and of course the lack of the multiplayer aspect. There is simply far less benefit than cost in implementing that kind of system in a single player game. I have tested unity with terrains populated at double the size and it works not super well but it works, at swg scale it works like any other AAA game out there.

Player housing, Resources, Even Bot systems are all simplistic to make. Im not a designer im a developer and i am one who has been at it for 20 years now... That stuff is easy assets are hard. When i do Implement the multiplayer aspect im not even going to use any of the emu servers... Im going to make it with Photon. Which in turn will handle all spawning and load balancing still making that terrain system irrelevant...
I would argue that assets are easier lol Tongue But what youre doing looks like fun.

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