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I am working on a new skill calculation tool due to personally thinking it is time for a new and open source tool with more features.

It is in an extremely rough draft state as I don't have all the GUI layout bits done yet and well, it isn't pretty, yet.

[Image: 1eada67876.png]

Planned features are this so far:

The ability to have multiple characters loaded at once.
(No more need to have a separate program running for each character if you are working on multiples.)

When a character is saved or loaded, the program header or something undetermined yet will show that character's name.
(For ease of remembering what character you are looking at if you are like me and have all alts loaded at once.)

A better html export. This is planned to have a graphical layout in the html code that will look more like the display in the program.
(Less confusing to look at, and more friendly to host on a magelo/leaderboard like page.)

Backend storage for saved data is planned to use sqllite.
(Personal preference over a binary file.)

Potential features of an undecided nature:

* Macro example tabs for each skill set.
* Macro editor that will display macros as you would see them in game as well as save them out correctly to use immediately in game.
* Macro editor will have a copy paste ability so you can take web examples and directly copy paste into your game macros via this tool.
* Something for resource tracking. Maybe planet maps with editable grids that you can enter current resource percents for each found resource.
* For server admins or those with server database access, an import feature from the game itself.

NOTE: This will be open source once I am satisfied with the progress and is somewhat functional.
Updated look, still in rough draft tho, as I have a ton to add yet.
Just finished off all the profession data entries. so selecting every profession now has data. The fun part now is all the damn math heh.

[Image: 8cc8444555.png]
Latest design, more SWG like.
[Image: 3f6f5ad67a.png]
Looking good.
Very few aesthetic changes, but it is getting along nicely.
Much of what I am doing now is the click logic for the skill highlights.
All character saves work as you see here (ran out of witty ideas for names).
Max total saves are 20 not including the default placeholder name of "Character". The place holder resets on every close/start. But names that have been saved do not.

Character names have to be manually saved but other than that, once a name is selected, every action saves instantly. No need to constantly save as you experiment. So essentially you click and close and come back to what it was when closed :-)

[Image: 62fbd4b9ec.png]
Looking good!
This is sexy. I expect it in purple
latest version:

[Image: 970c52170d.png]
I don't like the red.

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