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Snow: Server side files (not client mod)

I was investigating the ability to add snow weather effects, find snowy textures (if possible) and other server side elements to include for for my new planet project[/align].

Pardon me if there is a thread or release already, but for the life of me, I can't find it... I did come across this link:

... and I did try a couple of the links within to down load files, but they seem inactive.

Can anyone point me in the direction to search / download? Heck, even if I had Hoth or other to work with for my planet project would be good to start with.... Thanks in advance!!

I have a tre that will add snow as a weather effect like rain. As far as on the ground though, I think youll have to find the textures you want and change them in the .trn.
Thanks Arioch, and happy Holidays to you and the crew!

I was interpreting that you are telling me to take the terrain around say Northern Coro area and use those "white /snow tiles".... Am I on track here ?

Follow-up and Bonus Question: Can I do this easily with Sytner's latest tool? I am in the middle of transferring to another machine and haven't checked out the latest version.

Also happy holidays to all at MTG, I am excited about seeing and doing new projects in 2016 ....
You'll need to do this clientside and as Arioch said, edit the .trn.

If you grabbed the templates found in the OP of the SIE thread, you'll be able to easily edit the ground textures yeah, or port in NGE snow textures if you will.

What you'll want to do is basically edit the SFAM's (Shader Families) and replace the ground textures with that of snowy ones.

You could also add in a new SFAM specifically set up for snow and go through the .trn file, find the layers that affect specific areas (They're usually labeled/notes to show which they are, or look at the boundary affector coordinates) and change the family ID of the shader affectors in those layers then.

There are a couple of other ways to do specific areas, but I'll do a guide on that sometime.

P.S. My post was mostly directed in how to do a Christmas mod versus actual client modification, but it's similar.
I call this "Christmas on Kashyyyk"

[Image: bT6KTfs.jpg?1]

Didn't have time to add the snow particles but that's not a problem.

The surface shader is in the SFAM section of the .trn and is found in the /shader folder of the tre files, it's called snow_mtnspeak.sht

[Image: wcMZ70f.png?1]

You need to download the SIE template files if you haven't already as you will not be able to edit any attributes.

To make the ground white, I added a layer with a boundry circle of 100m from the center of the starport. It also has all the shader affectors so you can control flora, fauna and radial assets.

This is the complete layer I added.

[Image: Q65h5AX.png]

Specifically the SFAM shder affector is in the form laballed ASCH (AffectorShaderConstant) thus.

[Image: i38OPCC.png]

You can see in the above shot, the family group for the snow shader (4). The rest of the forms in the layer are for clearing stuff out of the way for whatever you are doing.

This is a typical (although pretty basic) layer for editing the terrain environment. You can control pretty much everything you see in the terrain this way, heightcolour, flora, mountains, flats etc.

I will write up my notes as a guide if anyone is interested.
WOW Laslo.. super cool !

yes a guide would be appreciate for us noobs.. this lead me to some other new POI mods I have in mind ... hmmmm

That is really cool. I'm having troubles grasping it though Sad

I'd love to even be able to clear out the floral in unwanted areas. I guide would be awesome.

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