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Solved: add Corellia walls ect like Tatooine

I wanted to if anyone has, will, or can tell me how to create Corellian walls and arches etc. like the the Tat walls, arches and other objects in the object/static/structure/tatooine/ folder?

One way I thought might work is to create new object and use the some blank Corellian wall texture (?).... I don't want the light and other markings, just plain gray...

It's too bad they didn't make more of these objects to help bring things to life more.... and have more options to create..

Thanks in advance for the advice,

You can take the tattooine ones and rename them. Aka make completely new files, add them to a patch, etc. (Explained in a tutorial on here for how to add new items) and then put a tattooine texture. too easy.
thanks - so take Tat stuff .. find the Corellia texture ..what tool do I use to do that?
Sytner's IFF Editor.
ok - good - I live in that tool .. let give it a whirl .. and the guide is great - thanks !
breakthrough for Dax LOL - thanks

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