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Spawning a npc in the world
Using this code in screenplays will spawn a npc "chiss_male" being "happy" on "tatooine" at the chosen position, with the PARENTID "6016504" which manages he will be inside the building "6016504". Am i right?

spawnMobile ("name_planet", "npc", TimeToRespawn_when_dead, positionX, positionZ, positionY, Watch_Direction, PARENTID(structure CELL number) )

    pNpc = spawnMobile("tatooine", "chiss_male",60,8.0,-3.4,7.4,169,6016504)
    self:setMoodString(pNpc, "happy")

So, why when i use to spawn iniside a building my npc is running ,and doesn't stop, and he cannot be attacked?

What's wrong?. I just spawned at my current position and copied to lua.
The ParentID should be the cell number, not the structure number.
And how i retrieve that number?. /GetObjVars doesn't give me more info.
ctrl-shift-g I believe
I see. That helps a lot. Thank you.
Like Phoenix said. But you got to use the wp details from that window, not your standard char wp from the ui. that's why they are running.

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