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Species Issues
Hello All,

I was messing with adding some new species.  I was able to select the new character, log into the game, and mull about. When I log off to character selection and goto select that character get the message "The Selected character was not found. This indicates a server issues. Please contact customer support."  I know I have seen this before, but my mind has gone blank on how it is fixed.  For some reasons I am thinking the answer was in Races.h, but not sure.  Anyone have any ideas?

Ah yes, i remember having that issue. I did end up fixing it somehow after engaging the community. Believe you will find and answer somewhere in this thread.
Thanks Pake!! I found it, I left out a _  after shared_  It was in the crc table.  Woot!  Thank you.  I knew I had come across this before just could not recall.

I am messing around with some of the npc's to make them playable species. Haylan had helped me with other species so I am applying that knowledge.  I have time so going through and see what works.  Here are a few I have done. Not too good, but they work lol  I have about 10 more that I have been messing with during my vacation also.
[Image: original.JPG?1481068812]

[Image: original.JPG?1481068816]

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