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Stormtrooper Helmet Brow
Alright, i've been attempting to raise the brow on the stormtrooper helmet in-game. I successfully edited the helmet .dds and it works in game as i can see the change but the helmet details dds has been giving me issues. Is there a way to raise the brow on the helmet details as well or remove it completely so that either A) They raise with the brow on the helmet dds or B) They are removed so that the raised brow on the helmet dds shows?
Can you show me a screenshot of what exactly you mean? With your edit I mean.
Yeah, I'll grab some when I get home
Alright, here are my helmet .dds files with the current one i am using in game on the left and the raised brow that i just redid on the right.
[Image: stormtrooperrealdraftv2thin.jpg~original][Image: stormtrooperrealdraftv2raisedbrowprotothin.jpg~original]

Here they are in-game.
[Image: screenShot0078-1.jpg~original][Image: screenShot0079-1.jpg~original]

As you can see, the helmet details block the change in the raised brow .dds so the change just makes it look worse. I need a way to either raise the brow to match the helmet .dds or remove it completely.
Pretty sure one can pull the second texture out of the .mgn, but unsure how to exactly, never done it before. Crashed when I tried a sec ago.

Anyway, just edit the detail .dds correctly and it should 'work'. You'll still have the problem of the model actually being there and not moving, so the brow will remain. Maybe do a smooth transition between white and black to try to hide the edge or something.

Used your texture and ultra dirty slapped the detail .dds together, looks like crap but you get the point (that brow is upside down in that detail .dds).

[Image: 8j6P0lq.png]

Texture screenshot:

[Image: klusjPd.png]
Yeah, I can't get the affect I want because of the way the helmet is modeled. The brow is designed like this
[Image: Master-Replicas-Stormtrooper-Helmet.jpg]

instead of this

[Image: gino-stormtrooper-helmet-ANH-stunt01.jpg]

So I can't just move the brow because the line of where they made the massive indent at the eye is still painfully obvious. I would have to remodel the helmet to get what I want.
Yeah, sadly. ST armor needs massive overhaul in general, with different variants at that.

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