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Streched Textures
So after i set my goal to retexture Cantinas especialy, since I feel the need a bit bit of upgrade to match the plante they are on.
After a few setbacks it went along fine till I started with the Wall Textures.
I think it's a bit of a UV Problem (since i only modeled a bit on Maya way back and never realy did a UV unwrap i can't realy tell xD)

[Image: cantina4xrov.jpg]

They just used 1 Texture (wich get's streched) if it should have been 3 i guess, is there any way to reapply 3 different texture or do
you have to unwrap all again?

greetz fo0

PS: playing around with the ui to get the toolbar to resize properly till i find a solution for the stretching xD or anyone else got it

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