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Stun Baton and Gaderiffi Baton

I would like to request some help is possible.

I found a Stun Baton and Gaderiffi Baton to light sabers mod. However when I install it, it does not work in game.
I am dragging the object folder into my main SWG folder. The mod files are in the right place on my end I'm pretty sure, but it does not work in game.

Could anyone test to see if it is the same for them, or know what is wrong with it if it doesn't work for them either.

Thank you very much Smile

Website I found it on.... http://www.oocities.org/x70mods/index2.html

It is in group 4 of the list, and "Lightsaber mod 4" : Request mod - Turns Stun Baton into Vader's Saber and Gaderiffi Baton into Mace Windu's

Exact Download link is.... http://www.oocities.org/x70mods/Baton-Saber.ZIP

Thank you everyone 

Attached Files
.zip   Baton-Saber.ZIP (Size: 1.84 KB / Downloads: 5)
Hmmm, glanced over the files, they should work.

Are you sure you have the correct directory?


Edit: Actually, the path is wrong for that zip.

It currently is: object/weapon/baton/

It should be: object/weapon/melee/baton/

And then place the 2 files inside there.
You're a star!!
Thank you so much! It worked Big Grin

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