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Stupid Question..Adding NPCs/Tameable Creatures
Don't gun me down for this but is there a way to add NPCs or take able creatures to SWGEmu or is this just a wild dream that one shouldn't bring up again ever in order to refrain from looking stupid? Don't shoot!!
Do you mean to your own server, right? Not the official one? Just making sure.

Best is to ask in the development forum on SWGEmu, unless people here have the knowledge, Lasko maybe.
Yeah I do mean my own server. I just wanna know if it's possible and how to do it if it is possible.
If it's on NOVA, it's possible. I'm sure there are guides/threads about it somewhere in there.

I personally can't help ya with that. Word of warning for that forum though, they tend to frown upon threads that ask for 'how to add stuff to my server', so look around first, but maybe one of the server guys here might be able to explain it.
It's very much possible, there is a guide here on how to do it.


First post is about the tre's, further down is about the Lua scripts.

Steps needed.

1. Extract new NPC resources from the post Pre-CU tre's.
2. Add CRC's to /misc/object_template_crc_string_table.iff
3. Repack tre file and add to server and client.
4. Create all the Lua scripts for the items you are adding.
5. reboot server.

Should be no need to rebuild when adding new stuff.

Right...... That's the steps in the short version. It's not quite so simple for all items to be added that way. Sometimes CU/NGE asset files need to be edited for them to work correctly with the pre-cu core (Weapons, housing, speeders), but pretty much all things have been cracked now. Check out the guides page for more info, have a go and if you get stuck just ask here or IRC, I'm in IRC 24/7 but not always ATK so just leave a message or PM meSmile

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