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Surround Sound
Uli, have you looked at any of the sound code before? I was wondering if you found a way to possibly restore surround sound support to the client. (I'm assuming it was a previous feature from what I've heard.)
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Did you hear it was a feature in PreCU or NGE? NGE I'm guessing.
(2013-01-30, 01:53 AM)Timbab Wrote: Did you hear it was a feature in PreCU or NGE? NGE I'm guessing.

No, I'm not sure what era it was from. I didn't have a surround sound capable system when the NGE was live though, so I could never test it. HOWEVER I do know that the NGE client (and I'm assuming the Pre-CU client as-well) supported Creative EAX, WHICH (when combined with Alchemy) allows EAX-enabled games to run in 5.1 surround sound. I've tested this with Star Wars: Empire at War which has support for EAX 1 through 4 (it might have support for EAX5 but I can't remember at the moment); I can provide a small video to show it if needed.

Theoretically speaking it is therefore possible to add and/or restore surround sound capability to the client using an EAX+ALchemy combo.
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I have no idea exactly when the option for surround sound was added but I can confirm it was present through the NGE era and I want to say CU era as well but I'm not 100% sure on that.

I do know it worked quite well as far as surround sound goes although I personally found it to be a bit annoying sometimes.

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