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[SUSPENDED] SWGEmu Improvement Package
NOTE: This modification's status is SUSPENDED. Meaning this modification is not working properly or as intended/advertised. The download link is still available; But the modification does NOT work.


I have considered putting this up for a long time, but have not done it due to that i have not created any of these addons. This is a package we recomend all new players to use at the Tarkin server. It has a basic ui upgrade, sky and ground improvements, humanoid improvements.

We at Tarkin think that the coloured icons and the overhead HAM bars makes swg a much easier experience on new players, we have members that have never payed swg before when they join our server, so a basic upgrade to the standard ui makes a big difference.

Note that: Noone of these addons are made by me, they can all be found on this website by the original authors. But to make things easy here they are in a easy package for you to install.

Download: http://tarkin-pic.com/SkoltenUI.rar


SWGEmu UI by Kayliaah

Sytner Satellite maps (used with sytner's approval)

Sky maps & Ground textures no longer available here

Also the upgraded UI that i cant fine here anymore

Species Upgrade (humanoids)
Login screen & Character Selection mod: ModtheGalaxy Thread
i intalled this mod and the icons are all messed up....

[img][Image: screenShot0001_zps83157ee9.jpg][/img]
Obviously missing textures (= that's default appearance.
Modification suspended. Modification author: Please contact the staff.

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