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[Swap] Republic Blaster to... anything
Call me crazy, but I cannot stomach wielding a Republic Hairdryer, I mean Blaster. Can someone create a mod that swaps the model with that of another blaster - any other blaster, even a CDEF - so I can use one without shame? Or give me a quick guide on how to do so myself?
Look here:


But instead of object/weapon/melee/2h_sword/, you'll want to go into object/weapon/ranged/pistol/.

This should be done with the TreExplorer, of course.
Bam. Switched it with the Black Falcon, no less. Fitting that the best (non-DE-10) energy blaster now looks the part. Thanks for the tip Timbab.
Happy to help. Smile
I am now wondering about swapping sounds. Where in TreExplorer do I find which sound files are associated with which weapons? I presume it would then be a matter of extracting and renaming them, and dropping them in the appropriate folder?
That tends to get a bit tricky in PreCU if you want to do it right, due to SOE being idiotic and using generic names that have nothing to do with the weapons, inside the datatables/weapon/weapon.iff, which one has to cross reference to each weapon object .if to see which ID they use.

Fortunially, I already did that in the past for a mod, so here is the list to figure out what is what in the weapon.iff:
02    DE10
03    Lightning Rifle
05    Elite Carbine, Laser Carbine
06    CDEF Pistol, CDEF Pistol Corsec, CDEF Pistol Noob, D18, FWG5, FWG5 Quest, Power5, Scout Blaster, Scout Blaster Corsec, SRS Combat, Striker Noob
07    Beam, CDEF Rifle, DLT20, DLT20a, Laser Rifle, Laser Rifle Noob, T21
08    CDEF Carbine, CDEF Carbine Corsec, DH17, DH17 Black, DH17 Snub, DH17 Pistol, DL44, DL44 Metal,
09    E11 Rifle, E11 Carbine, E11 Carbine Quest, EE3
10    DXR6 Carb, DX2
12    Jawa
13    SG82
15    Bowcaster
16    Spraystick
17    Pistol Launcher
18    Scatter Pistol
19    Republican Blaster, Republican Blaster Quest
20    Heavy Lightning Beam
21    Flame Thrower
24    Geo Blaster
28    E11 Carbine Victor Quest
34    DXR6 Rifle
35    Berserker
39    Acid Beam

projectile_pistol - Striker, Tangle
projectile_rifle - Tusken Rifle, Tusken Rifle Victor, Nym

00    Heavy Rocket Launcher
01    Heavy Particle Beam
02    Heavy Acid Launcher
03    Lighting Rifle

Okay, so, as I've mentioned, go to datatables/weapon/weapon.iff, first look for the gun's sound you want to replace, then find the gun with the sounds you want, then look at the Fire Client Effect column, get the .cef name, then in treExplorer look for that .cef, open it, look into the PSND chunk, see what .snd file is attached (.SND links to .wav and .mp3 files). Do the same for both guns, so you know the .cef and .snd name for both.

.cef would be:
DE-10: clienteffect/combat_bls_1_blue_muz_flash_01.cef
Republic clienteffect/combat_ep1_republic_blaster_fire.cef

There are multiple ways of doing it, depending on if you want to overwrite a whole weapon group or just a single weapon (Some weapons do have unique sounds though, like the Republic Blaster, in this case).

Simplest way of doing it, which would work for the Republic blaster, since the effect is not shared, is to replace the .snd with the one you want.

So for example, with the DE-10 sound to overwrite the Republic blaster, the .snd would be:

DE-10: sound/wep_fire_blaster.snd
Republic: sound/wep_ep1_republic_blaster.snd

If you want to edit a particular weapon that has a shared effect, it gets a bit more hassling, but I can explain it to you in detail if you want to know (Will most likely write a guide for it in the next few days anyway, been planned).
Thanks for that. I'm having some trouble though.

I have your NGE ranged weapon mod installed, I've traced the appropriate .snd files, and I've replaced the wep_ep1_republic_blaster.snd file with wep_pistol_blaster_dh17.snd...

However, I'm getting a fairly generic blaster sound. I'm not getting either the NGE Republic blaster sound OR the DH17 sound. I've tried a few tweaks here and there, but nothing I do seems to change the sound. Is it something to do with changing the model to the Black Falcon? I can't see how that would affect the sound.

Perplexing! What am I doing wrong?
Ok, I think I got it. The Black Falcon object file specifies no weapon effect. But I can't edit the file - I have a hex editor, but no idea how to use it. I can stick with the default blaster sound for now - unless there is an easy way to modify the Black Falcon object file to point it towards a specific weapon effect...
Sorry, only slept 3 hours, head wasn't awake yet earlier.

Ah okay you're using my mod, that should make it easier.

First of all, do you want the Black Falcon (Post CU item I assume) to replace a PreCU weapon? Just the effects of it? Tell me what you want to achieve with the Black Falcon so I can explain it better.

Any ranged weapon effect after PreCU is listed in datatables/weapon/combat_effects_ranged.iff, it's much easier to find stuff there in comparison to the weapon.iff. The problem being, while you get the name of the .prt and the .snd, you'll need a .cef (that links to both of those files) for a PreCU item.

Easiest way to do that, is get a generic PreCU weapon .cef, copy the .prt and .snd over to it and name it like, wep_fire_blackfalcon.cef, or whatever. Then what you want to do is, open the weapon.iff again and link whatever weapon you want to replace to that .cef, if that makes sense.

Sorry I give shitty advice today, head got lost in bed.
I followed most of that, thanks Timbab. I can see the Black Falcon (a looted DL44 with scope and muzzle, BTW) in combat_effects_ranged.iff and see that it links to basic DL44 effects.

I can also copy the generic DL44 .cef from pre-CU and rename it easily enough.

However, I have had trouble editing files. I take it I can't edit the DL44 .cef or the weapon.iff using TreExplorer? I have to use a Hex editor to link all the new bits together? I have frhed, but am unsure how to use it. I can experiment and see how I go though.

Perhaps another alternative would be to copy the existing DL44 .cef, edit that to use the Black Falcon model, and rename that .cef to the Republic Blaster. That way it would keep the DL44 effects but just change the model. Still requires some file editing, but seems less fiddly than the approach I've taken above.

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