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[Swap] SWGEmu Species Swap Mod
Finally got around to releasing this mod properly. A lot of changes were made from the previus (beta) version of the mod.

I changed a lot of items. I went ahead and replaced a lot of broken species, and finally added some NGE species (most of which are highly requested player species)

Species now available in this mod :

Kel Dor

I added a lot of customization options to as many of the species as possible since the "beta" version. fixed a lot of skin tones and shaders so that they would work correctly.

*fixed palettes for species which were broken making the "body" of a species a different color than the head

*fixed shaders for palettes for species that have two different species attached to it (male/female multi-species)

*added palettes for species that have two different species attached to it (male/female multi-species)

*fixed issues with certain palettes not adjusting the skin tone for many species

*changed palettes for species eye colors to be the actual species eye colors

*changed shaders for species eye colors to work with the palettes for eye colors

*added species names to character creation

*added species descriptions to character creation

*fixed hair for species to make them more accurate

*removed hair from species who did not have hair in the first place, or that looked bad with hair/removed twilek lekku from nautolan so they no longer look like two species wrapped in one

*Fixed some shaders where they were displaying the "ugly red/black textures" on some species

*moved some species around, and left some species intact (bothan males, twilek females, and ithorians...almost no one plays ithorian anyways, so i decided they were alien enough to see in the first place)

*fixed the "legs sticking out of bottom of player"

*added NGE vertex shaders for all species in the mod

*fixed twilek facial shading to prevent "dark face" from happening with certain NGE shaders

[Image: screenshot0097.jpg]
[Image: screenshot0104l.jpg]
[Image: screenshot0103x.jpg]
[Image: screenshot0102x.jpg]
[Image: screenshot0099.jpg]
[Image: screenshot0100.jpg]
[Image: screenshot0101.jpg]
[Image: screenshot0106w.jpg]

Link to download - http://www.2shared.com/file/rv2Zv7n1/spe...apv10.html

If bugs or issues with the mod itself (not with installation or uninstallation) please PM me on these forums.
Be careful when you pack your files Vlock, you repacked some of the NGE GUI mod textures as well, you're lucky they're small and don't take too much space.
I told you, you should use an unmodded client to make your mods, or this kind of thing will happen.

Also there is another empty appearance folder inside the appearance folder.
[Image: mtgsig.png]
i thought i DID do a clean version of it. I dont know though, because i was uploading the mod and then went in game and noticed problems with it, so started rage fixing files and repacking and testing crap on multiple clients at once and then repacking from several folders of the game. Chances are i probably just pulled out of the wrong one.

I was rushing through a lot of it in the end because I would keep finding 1 or 2 little things and it would drive me insane and I just wanted it to end.

and even now after its uploaded i find other things i missed which makes me even more furious with myself. But ill just upload a fix later for the things making me mad.

also tbh those little texture files arent hurting anyone. not that big a deal anyway. doesnt affect anything it shouldnt. In fact, the client wont even touch them anyways.
Those files aren't hurting anyone who doesn't already have the files in their SWGEmu folder, if they have another texture of the same name for a GUI mod or a custom one they made themselves, then they would've been overwritten and lost forever, so even if you think they're not a big deal, they might be for someone.

But no need to be furious about it, mistakes happen, and we always find that we could've done a few things differently after releasing a mod, fixing/updating the mod is the best thing after creating it imo.
[Image: mtgsig.png]
i still dont see it as that big of a deal lol.
Well it's your mod not mine lol.

I have yet to test it but I'm sure it works, personally I'm fine with the original species, more species would be a blast though.

Oh yeah and if you could shrink the last screenshot with the Duros on Corellia, or just put a link to it instead, because it's making a mess of this page, it's wayyyy too wide lol.
[Image: mtgsig.png]
Does this work with SWGEMU? also im guessing all i have to do is copy it into the appropriate folders?
Yes it should work on the Emu, copy the folders into your SWGEmu directory.
this was created for swgemu.

point the install to the main swgemu directory and all set.
(2012-11-04, 08:36 PM)Vlock Wrote: this was created for swgemu.

point the install to the main swgemu directory and all set.

Vlock. <3

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