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[Swap] Turn powerhammer into 2h lightsaber
I recall there being a mod for this back in the NGE (I used it on my Medic). Does this still exist, or how could it be done?

I'd like to pretend my Master Swordsman is instead Master Lightsaber Smile Even if only I can see it, it will work for me.
Sure, first figure out which IFF is the power hammer. It would be in object/weapon/melee/2h_sword

then grab whichever saber IFF of your choice from:


save it as the file name for the power hammer, which I do not recall off the top of my head but it shouldn't be too hard to find.
I used to mod back in the day, but im having some issues moding the EMU (I put it off to I havnt made one in FOREVER). I found and extracted the power hammer IFF but I cant find light sabers in that file (or at all for that matter) I had hoped to turn it into the 2 handed OR, oh well I supose I will mess with it more when I get home but any advice (preferably semi detaild) would be apreciated.
General lightsabers are in /object/weapon/melee/sword/.

Crafted ones are in /object/weapon/melee/2h_sword/crafted_saber/ (as Lev said) and /object/weapon/melee/sword/crafted_saber/.

Grab those and handle them like you would any other.

If you don't know the .tre they're from, they're mostly from patch_04.tre, crafted ones are from patch_09.tre (for the most part).

There is also NGE swords, but you'll be able to find those if you had the NGE directory and opened the .toc file.

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