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SWG Extension Loader & Settings Overrider (Add New Slash Commands!)
I wrote an extension for SWGEmu client that injects a DLL which hooks the chat/mood/language part of command execution, as well as the function for echoing to the chat,  to implement new slash commands.

Currently, I've implemented a number of commands related to overriding the in-game graphics options and setting them to values above the default maximums.

Here's a list of commands my extension implements:
  • /globaldetail X - sets the Global Detail Level to X, valid ranges are 1-24. You must move the slider in Terrain options AFTER using this command.
  • </hdterrain|/highdetailterrain> X - sets the High Detail Terrain Distance to X, valid ranges are 1-50. You must move the slider in Terrain options AFTER using this command.
  • /radialflora X - sets the Radial Flora Distance to X, valid ranges are 1-256.
  • </ncflora|/noncollidableflora> X - sets the Non-Collidable Flora Distance to X, valid ranges are 1-128.
  • </vd|/viewdistance> X - sets the View/Rendering Distance to X, valid ranges are 512-4096.
  • </getvd|/getviewdistance> - Prints the current View/Rendering Distance value to the chat.
  • /getradialflora - Prints the current Radial Flora Distance value to the chat.
  • </getncflora|/getnoncollidableflora> - Prints the current Non-Collidable Flora Distance value to the chat.
  • </setall|/overrideall> <default|low|medium|high|ultra> - Sets all graphics settings to preset values. Type /overrideall help for info on each preset.
  • /exthelp - This command, which lists help info on available extension commands.
I like to use the /setall or /overrideall command to set it to the high preset, myself (/setall high).

Here's the VirusTotal. It does have some detections, but they show as "ProcessPatcher", which is because my program injects a DLL into the SWGEmu process.



NEW! Source code for both the loader and DLL extension (releases section has binaries):


or directly from the forum:

Attached Files
.zip   SWGExtensions.zip (Size: 39.5 KB / Downloads: 120)
Awesome thank you trying it out now .
Hi, I'm struggling to get this working.

I've dropped both files in the swgemu directory and run the app but trying the commands in game it just says they're not recognised.

Am I missing something?
I have same issue
Make sure to launch as admin guys, that's the main thing. If not it will just silently fail to inject because it can't access the client's process without admin privs.

Other caveats are that it may not work depending on what version of Windows you have (to do with the detour library) and right now it looks for the default SWGEmu client window's name (I'll be providing a config file for the loader soon that will let you specify the name instead, so it *should* work on unmodified client exes from other servers).

There's also a much more advanced version of this by TheAnswer, with way more features, that I'll be adding Lua support to soon and providing a binary for.

After I get the config file implemented and TA's DLL compiled, I'll provide a short video guide on making it all work. Sorry for the troubles guys!
Update, get the new release from here: https://github.com/ChairGraveyard/Galaxy...es/tag/0.3

This includes TA's version of the extension DLL, which offers some extra commands and a smoother way to change the graphics settings (no messing with the slider required). Also included is a config.json file which allows you to change the window name that the loader will look for.

Do note that the commands are now subcommands of the /emu command, so use them as before, but like this: /emu hdterrain 40

This still needs to be run as admin!

Type /console in the chat to see the console for entering commands.

Also keep in mind that if the client you're using is for a custom server and they've made changes to the client exe file, this likely won't work (would need some effort to update the offsets), but if you're willing to test it, go into the config.json file and change the entry for windowName to the name of the window for your client).
I cant get this to work to save my life. The console just doesn't show up and none of the commands are accepted. I have tried starting it before and after SWG. I have run it as admin, and in compat modes for other versions of Windows. None of it works.. anyone else have luck?
@jdavidlol - Try this: Click Start, type cmd, right click Console and open as administrator.

Then, cd to the directory that has the SWGExtensionLoader.exe in it, and run it (just type SWGExtensionLoader.exe and hit enter).

This should let you see what it's outputting - if it just says "Finding SWG Window..." it's not finding the window (make sure your client's window name is correct in config.json, the default is "SwgClient").

If that still isn't working, the following information will help me debug:

* Windows version
* SWG Window Name
* What server you're playing on
* What you've done to try and run it thus far (in your case I've got this already @jdavidlol)
I ran it, it instantly disappears. However, I cannot access the commands in game still.
Try running it from the command line like I mentioned.

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