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SWG Extension Loader & Settings Overrider (Add New Slash Commands!)
I ran the as Admin script. CMD says SWG Found and DLL Loaded, but nothing appeared in the chatbox, and the /console command is not doing anything.

I'm running Windows 10. Am I missing something?
Hi, I am having issue of running it when logged in - it comes up then it disappears. Using Windows 10, followed all instructions... including running as admin. I have tried compatibility mode too .. same results.

If I start it before the swgclient - the window disappears asI log in ..

so no confirmation in chat/ no commands working / no console ...

What do I need to do ? thanks
does this have to be run every time the game is started?

would someone please provide proper instructions, ie. how to install and run!
Hey guys, sorry I haven't checked this in a while. I haven't played SWG in some months now.

That said, if you guys want to try and compile a new version of the extender to use, check out TheAnswer's Github: https://github.com/TheAnswer/GalaxyExtender

He's got several fixes and new features in there since the last time I looked at it. 

To quickly answer some of the questions I see:

* You need to run it every time you start the game, yes.

* I'm not sure why it doesn't work on some peoples' machines, it likely has to do with the Windows Detour library in some way or other, sadly it's hard to debug this. If you are still having trouble, you can try to compile from the source, as that will best match your own machine.

* All the files should go into the base game directory with the .exe

* It may not work on other servers (SWG Legends) due to differences in the memory addresses between clients used.
I was able to compile from source TA's version of the extender, and n00854180t's injection program, and was able to get them working with the SWGEmu client, with making sure to run the exe as administrator as instructed.

If you guys want I can upload my version (on Windows 10), but can't guarantee it will work on everyone's machine since like he mentioned with the Detour library, I had to install that to compile his dll project.

That being said though, 2 bugs I noticed - using /emu without a sub command and using /emu help without the console opened will crash the client.
Feel free to upload your version Valkyra - I don't have it set up to compile myself right now.

You could also submit the two bugs you mentioned as issues on TA's repo.
(2018-01-11, 07:49 PM)n00854180t Wrote: * It may not work on other servers (SWG Legends) due to differences in the memory addresses between clients used.

Any chance we will ever see support for the Legends client? I'm sure me and a couple other guys from Legends would be willing to donate via Paypal if we can get a compatible version.

I just tested it out  and of course it breaks the SwgClient_r.exe

Edit* Been screwing around with cheat engine to find some memory addresses. I found the two important values for Global Terrain Detail and Terrain High Detail and chaning it works! The rest of the settings can be changed with custom.cfg

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