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SWGEmu.exe Locked Mouse Q...
Has anyone figured out how to make the SWG Client share the mouse properly?  I know you can use autoit scripting to free it up, but it introduces a "TON" of processor overhead and sux...  AutoIt proves it can be done, and the client will work properly that way, so has anyone figured out how to inject that function into the EXE?

You mean not having the mouse locked inside the SWG window, ie being able to move the cursor out of it to other windows?

This will change it:
dude, you're my hero...
How do you access this setting? I dont see it in SWG Settings Overrider.

am I missing something? Thanks in advance <3
You have to put it in your options, client or user .CFG file in your SWG directory. Smile

[Image: 2hr16Pi.png]

Just in case you have troubles finding your proper SWG directory (Not saying you have that problem), take a look at this thread.

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