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Terraforming and .trn files
(2016-10-17, 03:54 PM)Sytner Wrote: Filter fractal itself is simple, it just refines your affected area based on the noise result of a fractal family.

Here's an example in the world builder where I've used a filter fractal to colour some areas purple.

[Image: WlFyVFx.png]

Combine this with boundaries and you have a way of making more interesting selections which you can then colour/displace/texture.

The difficult part without an editor is knowing what your fractal family looks like and how to modify it to achieve what you want...
Dear Santa..I would this WB for Xmas.... joking aside, I am taking the plunge into my first terrain editing... the best advice I see atm is to wipe out all but a couple of layers in the .TRN file..

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