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Terraforming and .trn files
(2016-10-17, 03:54 PM)Sytner Wrote: Filter fractal itself is simple, it just refines your affected area based on the noise result of a fractal family.

Here's an example in the world builder where I've used a filter fractal to colour some areas purple.

[Image: WlFyVFx.png]

Combine this with boundaries and you have a way of making more interesting selections which you can then colour/displace/texture.

The difficult part without an editor is knowing what your fractal family looks like and how to modify it to achieve what you want...
Dear Santa..I would this WB for Xmas.... joking aside, I am taking the plunge into my first terrain editing... the best advice I see atm is to wipe out all but a couple of layers in the .TRN file..
(2016-11-07, 03:37 PM)Timbab Wrote: As Takhomasak said, you'd want to edit the .EFT link in the .SHT file to whatever .EFT works better for what you have in mind.

Note; NGE lava doesn't exist in PreCU and while some PreCU effects might work out of the box for a lava like effect/glow, ultimately a custom .EFT needs to be made with custom PSH/VSH HLSL shaders to really achieve a lava like effect.

Also, note that .SHT and .EFT values need to line up/exist/etc for the actual HLSL shaders to work.

Something which might be useful, check what .EFT is used in PreCU for the volcano on Lok.
relating to the OP and this reply....

i just want to add to a new planet the talus water effect ... and i need the reflection to change from opaque to clear...like Talus

I am having trouble with the reflection shader too... i am looking at Talus.trn to help and I am close I think... i am turning off layers and functions - buttons avail ...

What specific attribute to change? or add in the .trn file please Smile
Another question: what am i missing for using SHT files from MTG TREs? Here is some detail.....

I wanted to use the snow shaders SHT files (from the MTG TREs) in a new TRN file and then to be included in a new TRE when packaging. I created the shader directory and placed the snow .SHT files ...

I am getting a crash when I use the MTG client when testing. If I use shaders from the base TREs, no crash. So I suspect I am not including something else in the new TRE.

(update: the only MTG shader files in the snow group that works for me are the snow_mtnspeak*.sht)

I have a swgemu base for code (not MTG)...

Any help would be appreciated! thanks!

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