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Texture Problem
Hi not quite Sure if someone know the proble or if there is a real problem xD
Out of bordem i startet doing some texturing myself since some of the texture realy give me eye cancer xD
So i started out with the most anoying texture for me wich is the Cantina floor texture.
All said an done finished 2 versions for it but the outcome is a not what i expected... texture looks fine if you look straight on it or move slow but if you start running it gets all grainy.
Did anyone have had the same problem or am i missing or overseeing something wich makes my texture bad.

2 examples:
[Image: cantinaflooroldstyle_1pj1u.jpg]

[Image: corl_metl_cantina_floifkdr.jpg]

greetz fo0

PS: klick klick .dds files for testing purposes if someone want's to try xD (1 File Has to be renamed)
It sounds like your DDS export options are wrong, make sure they match these settings. You can also use DXT1 no alpha if you haven't got an alpha channel.

If it's still a problem you might need to check the other settings, particularly the MIP map filtering.

I'm just assuming you're working with photoshop. :p
/cheer ... forgott the mip map (don't know why maybe was to tired xD) didnt thougt off that,
now it looks like how its supposed to be xD
thx alot Toneberry

now i can move on to the other textures, and maybe later adding some normal maps for some of them, wich doesent have any but i guess that involves some *.sht modding aswell (gotta learn though)

PS: yes your assumption was right i use Photoshop and or Illustrator for Pattern related things
Glad you figured it out.

Yeah for normal maps you'll want to get into some shader editing but its nothing complicated. Hell if you're really lazy you can just find an existing shader for something else which uses a normal map in the way you want and point it to your textures and then rename it to the desired shader. It can save time unless you're doing something more complicated and you can guarantee it'll work without having to test out lots of different effect files.
Ah it's not to hard adding a normal map with Timbabs jawa toolbox xD.
But i have another question, is swg capable of Specular maps or is the spec map just to be save as Alpha Channel,
couse in some cases you got the Spec map as an alpha and on the other hand you got some with regular masking black/white
for the opacity?
greetz fo0
Yeah you can have specular maps. Just find something which has one and check out it's shader in Timbab's tool to see what effect they use etc.

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