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The Super Sweet Mod the Galaxy Upgrade!
Hiiii everybody!

As you may have noticed if you have not only just found the site, everything is looking a little different and dare I say it better!

Today the site upgrade we’ve been planning for a while has finally come to fruition thanks to the hard work of Tonberry and a little work from myself, so without further ado let me show you what’s new!

New Skin
Tonberry has updated his previous skin for the site to look sleeker, smoother and all round more polished! There’s a couple of new icons and a new awesome header image as well as a few other tweaks!

About Page
Although not very exciting, especially if you already know what the site is about it’s a good way to quickly and easily describe to people what the site is about, why we’re here and who hangs out here (that’s right you ‘modding veterans’ you Tongue)

It’s been a long time coming but I have finally sorted us out a download section for the site! Here you’ll be able to upload all those mods, files etc. that previously you had to upload somewhere else and link to. When you upload something you’ll have the opportunity to upload a preview image that will be displayed next to the mod, add a description (complete with pictures!) and include information like the version number and even a license if your upload requires it! To upload just go to the downloads page, click the category you want to upload to and click “Submit Download”. One thing I need to point out is that our host limits us to 25MB uploads (it was 10 but I convinced them to up it Tongue) but I realise that a lot of texture mods and things like that can be over 25MB so there are instructions on the upload page for how to get your 25MB+ files onto the site Big Grin Don’t forget though to still post about your release in the Releases (or Beta) forum so that it gets some more exposure! Smile

This is where people will be able to see the kind of work the users of this site produce, upload an awesome mod and you’ll probably find some shots of it end up on the gallery!

Although we’ve had a chat room on SWGEmu IRC (irc.swgemu.com - #modthegalaxy) for a while now, there’s never been an easy way to access it from the site without an IRC client. Well now, there is! If you click on the Chat link at the top of the site you’ll find a nice little browser based IRC client that will take you directly to our IRC channel, where you can chat with our friendly (but also weird Wink) community, we don’t force you to talk about just modding in the channel so feel free to come in and chat about whatever you want! (Within reason of course!)

Although it’s not new it is certainly worth mentioning! There is quite a bit of useful information on there and Sunrunner_Charina is the only one updating it at the moment, so if you have any free time and are bored (maybe you’re at work, without access to any games beyond solitaire) then have a look through the wiki and if you see something out of place or a bare/non-existent page then have a go at creating that page, or making those edits! Big Grin

So there we have it! A month before our one year anniversary (I know, right?!) the site is updated and looking pretty darn awesome Big Grin Everyone needs to thank Tonberry when you talk to him because most of this work is his doing
Tongue If you find any bugs with the site, as always it is much appreciated if you can either PM myself or Tonberry so we can get to fixing it ASAP Smile

Hope you all like the site!
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
Looks orgasmic.
It's about time. Tongue
The site is still alive, no db failure, looking good and bluer than ever before, I'm loving it.

I'll have to take a look at that Download section, I can't find any info on how to upload more than 25MB though, hope it's not too tricky.

Good job you newbs and in advance, happy Anniversary. Big Grin

EDIT: Oh yeah the download section is tricky.
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