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[Tool] BMFont to SWG inc converter AKA Font tools
there are 3 tools in this repo 2 converters and one generator.
the converters convert bmfont .fnt define files to swg inc format one is a batch converter.
start by generating the font sheets with bmfont i used these settings
[Image: WoAV6nh.png]
[Image: U4TrinE.png]
now swg requires more than one size of fonts to work the more sizes the better it will look.

that is the default list for English.
[Image: 00VhnUN.png]
when naming files please follow this convention  [name of font]_[bold/italic]_[size]. I use meiryo_12 for 12px Meiryo font and use meiryo_bold_12 for the bold version in 12px, my converter sadly at this time needs this naming.
[Image: u7962Jt.png]
this is a list of fonts i generated with bmfont
move all the dds files into the "SWGEmu/texture/font" folder, in my case i had 1026 dds file at a total of 256MB
[Image: F8uhVd5.png]
next use either uifontconverter or BatchUIFontConverter to convert files to swg inc format.
[Image: ktAORAV.png]
i chose to put my inc files in "SWGEmu/ui/font/j7" j7 will be the locale code swg will use to identify my fonts

next i use SWGUITextStyleGenerator to generate the ui_textstylemanager.inc.
[Image: Wxj48Ka.png]
it gets saved in the "SWGEmu/ui" folder

lastly all you have to do is go into options.cfg in the "SWGEmu"folder and add 2 or 3 lines

    defaultLocale=ja #defaultLocale is en for English or ja for Japanese
    fontLocale=j7 #this is what you chose for your locale earlier

now run SWGEmu to test

[Image: lSfR4QD.png]

here is default japanese font for swg
[Image: bb0cTTx.png]
Very nice sir, I will be using this in the future.

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