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[Tool] Duff's CRCTool (beta)
Gonna go ahead and post this out here for you guys to test and use. if nobody gives me any reason to update then I'll have an admin move it to tools. Cheers and happy modding:

Duff's CRC Tool (beta)

Works just like the others but has some additional features and such. A little rough for what I like to release but it's time to move on and see if it works for folk then add more if necessary. Keep me posted!


I'm always glad to give credit but I'm not certain who should get it. I used the world spawn editor to see how the crc's are generated (as well as some of the core3 code), and the rest was just making things work.

P.S.S. one of the last things I need to add (not in this version but buggy in my current debug, is to append using a text file list) I'll try to update my .rar file with this new function this weekend if I have time. - Duff
Hey, ran it through a few tests, here is some feedback:

1) Customize the Save and Open dialog, so it automatically saves as a .iff file and opens .iff files, also don't link to a default open directory, else it's a hassle since it doesn't save the last folder you opened/saved from.

2) You have something odd going on with the saving process. It works fine if you save a file once, but when you try to save the same thing again with a different name, it'll throw up an error:

************** Exception Text **************
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at CRCtool.Form1.Exportdata()
at CRCtool.Form1.savefiledialog1_fileok(Object sender, CancelEventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.FileDialog.OnFileOk(CancelEventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.FileDialog.HandleVistaFileOk(IFileDialog dialog)

3) Do your CRC files work, like did you test them when editing/adding? To my knowledge the CRC table needs to be sorted from smallest to largest (CRC value wise), I might be wrong. I saw that you simply add new CRC's at the bottom and edited ones stay in their current position. If you tested them and they work, then I suppose it's np.

4) Tip to make it look better, change the starter table length from:

5) For fun/ease of use, add buttons like the {Enter} key to the pop up windows. Also ctrl+S, etc to the open/save dialogs.
Love the details! sometimes it's hard to see the tree's if you know what I mean. I've tested the CRC's with other tools and used it with my last dev patch I made, but I can't say that I tested that patch thoroughly however. but it loaded. Let's just add that it's higly beta and I'll attend to all your observations and try to have it all fixed up next week sometime.

The sort is easy to do when saving / loopinig through the "list of" array's so if I'm not sorting it right It can be fixed easily enough.
Yeah I know what you mean, haha.

Yep try to fix the sorting, you'll need to sort all 3 nodes equally though, I believe. Haven't looked too far into it. But if it does work, I don't think there is too much of a problem.

Definitely fix that save error though, I can help if you need it. It's like the only big problem in terms of using it.
1) Done.
2) Fixed. Think I was setting an ARRAY in the save / export to nothing when it shouldn't have been.
3) I reordered the save / export so it will always be written out in ASC order (of CRCT) regardless of the dataview sort.
4) Not going to change that right now, the gap is for the scroll bar when you get more than one page. still haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet.

New version uploaded. - Duff
Good job!

Working as it should now, by the looks of it.

Thinking about it, for the sake of keeping track of what is edited and added, visually, it would probably be best to dump all edited and added stuff at the bottom of the table, while maintaining the sorting on export.

With long lists, where it automatically gets ordered, it's easy to lose track of it.
redownload it just to be sure. I just fixed an issue with the update record that might be buggy in that version. I think. LOL... whatever is there now should have everything taken care of on your list, and NOT have the import from txt file yet. still working on that function.


Just for my reference I need to add a version number to the program so others can track my updates...

Mind you, I haven't wasted my time reading all of the stuff above. Here's a few bugs I've noticed.

1) When using Save As, the Save As window is titled SaveAs. Save As is 2 words.

2) I would reccomend having a menu bar as well as pictures, with a File and a CRC and a Help menu. (Help should contain an about that depicts version number, authors and contributors, etc.)

3) Avoid "Angry Korean Gamer Sale Language (For u Timbaby)" (yes that is a semi-racist stereotype). When someone does something causing an error, don't use 5 !!!!! when you tell them. Lol. It's like "No u buy sumting naow!!!". It looks unprofessional. I would avoid explanation points over all tbh.

4) The black background is fucking hideous, use sumthing that matches and doesn't give me eye cancer plz. <3
I'll work on it, but I don't understand #3... I'm not a l33tz gamer (or however you're supposed to type it), just a 38 year old grumpy gamer that misses his C64... What do you mean by
Quote: When someone does something causing an error, don't use 5 !!!!


(2014-01-05, 03:58 AM)duffstone Wrote: I'll work on it, but I don't understand #3... I'm not a l33tz gamer (or however you're supposed to type it), just a 38 year old grumpy gamer that misses his C64... What do you mean by
Quote: When someone does something causing an error, don't use 5 !!!!



"You cannot delete a CRC that does not exist!!!"

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