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[Tool] Macro Manager [Beta]
Here is the latest version of the macro manager I created. You are able to delete, create, modify macros offline and edit the macro code the same way you would in-game. This was created based off the request of one player. If you find any bugs, flaws, etc please message me in discord or on here and I will work on fixing it. Uploading takes me a little bit due to the fact I'm currently deployed to Africa.


Step 1: Load your macros.txt from your swg folder.
Step 2: Macros should populate in the tool.
Step 3: Modify Macro. To modify macro code double click the header of the macro you want to edit. (Aka the gray box on left side of the row that has your macro that you want to edit). Once you double click, it will populate in the right side box. Once you have editted it, just click Apply under the macro code box and it will update the Macro code for that specific macro.
Step 4: Once completed, click save and the logger in bottom right corner will notify you if it has saved or if there is an error. 
Step 5: Restart or Start Game.

[Download Link]

I was looking for that kind of tool. So I did try it. It's a good tool but I get some pretty annoying bug, each time I scroll.

[Image: Macro%20Manager%2015_11_2017%2016_11_27_zpsdyjvqde4.png]
What scrolling error?
(2017-11-18, 06:47 PM)Phoenix Wrote: What scrolling error?

Quote:The following exception occurred in the DataGridView:
System.ArgumentException: DataGridViewComboBoxCell value is not valid.
To replace this default dialog please handle the DataError event
Send me your macro.txt so I can attempt to duplicate it.
I think I have found where the error came from.
My macros.txt was the one I was using during CU and NGE. And with SWGEmu some icons where replaced with this "CMD_uiService" by default (a blinking icon IG) which was causing the error.

Thank you for your help
Awesome thanks for letting me know. I'll look at my list again

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