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[Tool] The Jawa Toolbox - v0.03 - SWH/SND/SPR/PRT/CEF -- 23.01.2014
Mod tools!

Yes, no more hex editing! Well, hopefully for all files soon.

One or two weeks ago I was reading the patent of the .trn files and had been talking to Sytner, when all of the sudden I had gotten the idea on how I can build a a fairly simple but doable 'ghetto' .trn creator and editor. I ran it by Sytner and he said it should work. I knew I had to be able to understand the basics of reading and editing an .iff format file, so I decided I'd start with the smaller, simpler files, like the .SWH (Swoosh) and .SND (Sound, which links to .mp3's and .wav's) files.

So with that idea in mind I had to scratch my head of how I'll actually do it, because I didn't know any programming language at all. I decided to just do it quickly in VB .Net and brute force my way through it, but obviously I ran into some walls. Mack in #OpenDev helped me get on the right track and later, thankfully, Uli was there to be spammed to death and even if he didn't always answer, lol, I managed to figure it out in the end.

Not too happy with my GUI layout and the main screen is thrown together in like a minute, but I wanted to throw out my first release. A lot if not most is just really pre alpha, I'll do a custom icon, eventually.

At the moment only .SWH and .SND files can be edited and created, but it should be able to read all existing ones. Haven't tested NGE files in depth, but I think I'll need to adjust some stuff for them to work.

I've made nearly all the values modifiable, but I don't know what they do, so if some of you can play around with it and figure it out, that'd be fantastic, then i could label them. I simply don't have the time right now to do it myself, or I would, hell I don't even really have the time to write this program at all, but my mind craves for it!

I'm planning on adding more files down the road whenever I get the chance, and if any of you have notes and documentation on file types, they'd most likely be very helpful.

So excuse any newbness and failure in the program, please, if you have any feedback, let me know so I can figure out how to correct it, it's literally my first program ever.

These guys prevented so much time waste and headache

Download removed, for the moment.


Updated - 25.11.2013

Added .CEF support and a bunch of other things. Will post notes once more people are using it.

Main logic is done, so most of the other files should be a simple copy & paste with slight adjustments.

Oh yeah, you can open all the post preCU files and automatically save them in PreCU format too, now. Haven't checked the .CEF's of the NGE, but I believe there won't be a problem.

Updated - 23.01.2014

Added .PRT and .SPR support and am continuously reworking the old tools.
Almost done with the .CEF tool, gotta finish it up tomorrow and run it through tests.

Modified the .SND and .SWH tool, they now read all of their variants, including the NGE formats, but are automatically saved in PreCU format. Changed the GUI of the .SWH around, but it's still awful, might need to redesign it completely in the future, but I don't have the time right now, I just want to get some working tools.

After that I have the Object .IFF tool planned, which should go a lot faster, since those files are very straightforward.
Awesome work Timbab!
SWG Unity 4 project screens using SWG models and content.

*Always updating and soon you can join me online as I rebuild the worlds and places of SWG for fun and the Emu!

Thank you very much Timbab!

Updated it with .CEF support and a bunch of other things. Should work with all .CEF, but I only tested a couple of randoms.
Pulling this for a little while, have to decide how I'll rerelease it.

Madly busy at the moment and moving, so expect an update in January or w/e, there doesn't seem to be a real need for it right now anyway, but if someone needs it, PM me.
Still working on it, .PRT tool "done", in terms of, generic state without like a 2d/3d preview, but the whole file is mapped, all .PRT files are loadable, editable, savable.

It was like the most complex SWG file that I've seen, the rest should be fairly easy from now on, learned all that I needed.

Tool is still only available on request, until I polish it up a lot more and figure out how to release it.

Also finished a .SPR (sprite) tool a while ago, just saw that I haven't mentioned it.

Research on .CDF is like 90% done, research on object .IFF is around 50% done.
*Viaron licks Timbab*

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