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[Tool] tre explorer...
Wasn't there a v2.0 of TreExplorer that got pulled because of a non-existant virus? Or did I just imagine that?

Either way is there a newer version other than

All I know about is the, Uli's fixed up one preferred due to speed: http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...all-update
it must of been another tool then. I swear I tracked it down post by post, site by site and it ended up the creator dude (uli or oru or someone) handed it off to a forum admin to dole out to trusted users. something about not wanting to get blamed for passing a virus around even though it didn't contain a virus... but again... that was several months back and I can't find the thread again.

My main beef is that Tre Explorer is fickle about copy & pasting in mass datatable operations. sometimes it works, others it doesn't. haven't found the commonality yet.

also, I could really use a tool that will allow you to add a column to datatables. I had to hack my new column in manually in a hex editor. real PITA...

Oh yeah, tell me about it, I went nuts creating like 60 new lines in the weapon.iff for the NGE effect mod.

Same with column adding, it totally feel ya.

What worked for me though, was right clicking and copying/pasting, keyboard commands never seemed to work for me.

I talked to Uli, but I don't think there is a v2.0 anywhere, the only thing was what I linked, where Uli made it faster essentially.

But I'm in the process of making mod tools at the moment, I might give a shot at the datatable.iff files, but I don't know yet, strapped of time as it is. I know Sytner has a fantastic .iff edtior, not sure if has a datatable editor though.
Well, It has something to do with how the program works with the clipboard. Example:

Copy your data from excel to Notepad. Reload your datatable in tre-explorer, copy the data from notepad, then paste it into tre-explorer. This worked for me.

You can still at this point copy cells from within tre-explorer into other cells within tre-explorer, or out of tre-explorer into excel or notepad.

But if you make another "Copy" in excel, or anyother program other than notepad & tre-explorer, tre-explorer looses the clipboard and you're done c&p'ing by the cell / range. you have to go back to only c&p'ing the cell contents.

Until you reload your datatable in tre-explorer. So save, click the open, reopen your iff, and the clipboard resets and you can c&p from notepad to tre-explorer again on the cell / range level.

Hope that makes sense.

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