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Tre Explorer - Small Update to Uli's Update - - Updated -
Some of the stuff inside TreExplorer has been annoying me for ages, so I'm attempting to fix some of them, starting with this:
  • Made it so all nodes open up automatically from the start.
  • Made the default window size for both the TreViewer and the .IFF editor larger, then also adjusted the panels

Gonna look at the other stuff when I have time. I know the .WS editor is fairly buggy, might rework that or write a new one for my tools, I don't know yet. Any requests for small fixes?

Update -
  • Fixed the bug it had reading some datatables. They should all load correctly now.

Everyone who was involved in creating the TreExplorer
Uli - for helping me find the stupid Load location. Another thanks for figuring out why it didn't pack the .dll's.

P.S. Protip: If you want to load all files from startup (Only if you have a .toc), make it so .toc's open with TreExplorer by default and create a shortcut of it, launch TreExplorer from that shortcut in the future.
oh timbaby its beautiful.

wonderful that credits were included too. QQ
Fixed the bug it had reading some datatables. They should all load correctly now.
Broken download link
Really? Works for me.
Timbaby. Link Brokenededed.
Hmm, I don't know what's wrong with it, reuploaded.
I get an error when I try to download and run the Tre Explorer, I'm attaching the screenshot can someone help me out please?    
Think it has to do with display scaling. (I only edited the tool, I didn't personally create it, btw)

Try this:

[Image: ta7mxJP.png]

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