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Tre File Manipulation Guide
Is there an actual guide, preferably for beginners, that walks you through Tre file manipulation? Most of what's posted here assumes you already know how to do this. Just pointing to the tools doesn't help because there isn't much in the way of documentation to use the tools. I have them all saved on my computer but can't really use them atm. I can explore and view tres with tre explorer but extracting and creating new ones seems to be unattainable here. Any help would be awesome.
Guide wise, no, always been meaning to, but been too busy with other stuff. SIE really makes it a cakewalk though, it hands one everything on a silver platter, especially with my templates.

You can extract with SIE, you can also extract with TreExplorer, so not sure why you seem to not be able to. You only need to pack .tre's if you're doing any server related stuff. Sytner or I will most likely add a simple .tre packer soon, but for now, you can simply use this one:


So, taking all that into account, grab SIE, extract/manipulate the files you want, then for client side stuff you can simply put them in your SWG directory with the correct folder structure (texture/example.dds inside a .tre would then go to your swgdirectory/texture/example.dds), or for server related things, pack a directory (that contains the proper sub folder structure, as with the client side example) and slap it into your server/client. Though, for server stuff, I can't really help, but Lasko has written some nicely done guides or step by steps on how to add stuff like the BARC, which can be found here:


I noticed that Lasko used a different tool to pack, he also used TreExplorer, which he shouldn't, since SIE is out now.

P.S. Moved it to Server Content Discussion, because I have a feeling you're trying to do server related stuff, if that isn't the case, let me know, but Guides is only for actual guides.
I appreciate the feedback. I've consolidated most of what I could glean from the guides to create my own planet. I assumed I would have to create a tre file to add all of the files for the new planet in order to load it into the game. I'll post my hang-ups in the proper thread on that subject, just wasn't sure the staeps to creating a new tre file
I'm in the process of writing a complete guide for adding a planet so hang tight for a while and I'll post it in the guides section.

Timbab.... Havent used treEx since the SIE came out.... if I put that somewhere (tho I don't remember), It was probably force of habit (sorry SytnerSmile).

As for a tre manipulation guide, I can write one but your probably better just using the SIE making a few folders to practice with and diving in. Unless there are specific files you need to extract for a particular purpose, just pick different types of things and extract file chain (right click or from the menu), to see what gets pulled to your new folder.

For example, pick a weapon...say T21 rifle. Find it in:

object/weapon/ranged/rifle/ and extract the chain to your folder.

It'll pull all the files the game needs to make that weapon work. Try the process for different objects you get in game, say clothes, furniture...in fact anything you see while your walking round in-game. Then try to find the corresponding Lua script files in the server files. Objects follow the same (usually) file path as the tre files. So for the T21, go to:

/bin/scripts/object/weapon/ranged/rifle and you'll find the rifle_t21.lua file.

Practice using it.... delete what you extracted....practice some more. Get used to using it. Maybe try and follow the guide to adding the Barc speeder to pre-cu.

As Timbab says, the SIE is by far the most user friendly and useful tool we have ever had (thanks again Sytner), so your starting to learn at a very good time.

If you get stuck on something then ask questions..... Even better join the MTG irc channel..... Myself or someone will always answer and questions you have. It might not be immediately unless we happen to atk so stay logged in and check every now and then.
I could always make videos on my youtube account lol. I do this literally everyday. :|
This is why I <3 Lasko. Smile

Another tip, lose the fear of 'screwing something up', unless you delete the main tre's, which could be gotten again anyway, you don't have to worry. As Lasko said, create a few working directories, back stuff up when you made some success, etc. Early stages are mostly trial and error, but that's healthy, learn from the mistakes you make.
Or just try shit and hope it breaks and learn from it breaking Big Grin It's actually really helpful when shit goes south. You learn a lot more.
(2015-04-26, 03:12 PM)Phoenix Wrote: Or just try shit and hope it breaks and learn from it breaking Big Grin It's actually really helpful when shit goes south. You learn a lot more.


This is so trueSmile
Yep, for sure.
(2015-04-26, 03:12 PM)Phoenix Wrote: Or just try shit and hope it breaks and learn from it breaking Big Grin It's actually really helpful when shit goes south. You learn a lot more.

No doubt on that.
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