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TRE Packer
TRE Packer


TREPackerGUI.exe only works when tre.exe is in the same folder as it.
TreEdit.exe is a standalone EXE with the capability to open and save tre files, saving tre's with it can be quite complicated.
tre.exe is a console application which can be used to .tre any file/directory, open it in cmd and type help for full command list and attentions.
ZLib.dll is the library which is used to compress the files.

TREPackerGUI.exe Was made by DavinFelth of ModTheGalaxy. It is made to interact with the tre.exe console application by supplying the needed arguments. All the folders for what you want to be made into a TRE Must be present in the same directory as TREPackerGUI.exe, Zlib.dll and tre.exe in order for it to work.

TreEdit.exe is a standalone application EXE made by Berix.

tre.exe was made by Berix as well.

Other Acknowledgements:
SWGANH Team (I think it was HTX and Snow who explained it) for explaining to Berix the part he was "missing" when creating the TRE Packing tool which was the files must be in CRC Order before being packed into the tre.

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okay you'll find exho in http://www.swganh.com
(2011-07-29, 01:24 AM)replacer Wrote: okay you'll find exho in http://www.swganh.com

Do my words fall on deaf ears? If you don't know what you're talking about then don't post. I also recommend listening more and taking notice of your surroundings.
okay im sorry
(2011-07-29, 01:38 AM)replacer Wrote: okay im sorry

Real Acknowledgments are up, Exho did not have any relation in any form at all with the creation of the TRE Packing application.

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Much better when everything is in order.
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Exho? What is he talking about?
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The fuck?
Move along, move along...
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
I still don't get what's going on with this "exho" stuff, but ok.
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