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Trying To Find A .pal File
Hello All,

I have had some success on altering .pal files in the past, but I am going to the experts to help save me a lot of time and headache.

I changed the default color of the Long Formal Jacket you get from the Imperial recruiter (which also changes the command hat, thankfully), but it did not affect the default Dress Slacks.

I would like to get them to match up, so I have the following questions:

-Is there any difference in the .pal file of the Dress Slacks that are crafted by tailors vs. the ones handed out by Imperial recruiters?
-Where are the .pal files for Dress Slacks? Wr_cloth_imp?
-Which color on the Dress Slacks palette corresponds to the color of the Dress Slacks the recruiter gives you?

Thanks in advance for your help,


EDIT: For clarity's sake I am attaching screenshots of what I am after.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I'll look into the files tomorrow, should be easy to make a custom palette and link them all to the same one, that way it doesn't affect other files either.
Awesome! Thanks for the help.
I may be changing the pants to be changed from Dress Slacks to Basic Camos, and may want to try a client-side item swap as well, but I see your HD crashed a few days ago so I will be patient Big Grin
Yeah sorry, been so overloarded with side stuff and my PC.

Can you give me a list of items you need, exactly?
Ok what I would like to do is:

1) change a color on the palette of the Basic Camos to match the custom palette color I have for the Long Formal Jacket (the color to be replaced would ideally be the closest color to the default Long Formal Jacket Gray so folks without the color mod wouldn't see a wildly mismatched jacket-pants combo)

EDIT: I think the box highlighted on the left is the default color of the jacket fresh from the recruiter:

[Image: lfjacket.jpg]

2) Get the .iff and .pal files for the warm hat swapped out for an Imperial Command hat that can be colored by a tailor (I guess using the warm hat's palette file on color 1 and color 2?)
I believe I have swapped the default color in 08 on imperial_officer.pal (128, 121, 124/80797c) with custom color 105 105 95 (69695F)

I would like to do a similar swap on the palette of the basic camo (color 1 and color 2), replacing the color which most closely resembles 80797c with 69695F so that folks without my mod won't notice a glaring color difference between the jacket and the pants.

I'm also trying to think of a way to change the dark dark gray camo pants palette (D1 in Limited Leather Selection [the palette for Basic Camos])to the 40,40,40/282828/10 shade, but the dark gray camo pants are a dead on match for 52,52,52/343434/12 on the weird long formal jacket palette, so I may just end up abandoning that idea.

I would like to get either 10 or 12 on the palette for the warm hat; in a perfect world I would use 10 to get that nice super dark black, but 12 may already be on there so I don't want to cause extra hassles.

I hope this is slightly clearer than mud Big Grin

Basically for the dark gray stuff I am talking about I'd like to turn this

[Image: lo0j.jpg]

Into this

[Image: Lt_Akal_Colzet.jpg]

(Warm hat turns into Imp Command Hat)

I am going to ask my guild leader if the dark gray is supposed to represent black, and if so, I will know which palette colors I want to swap, if he wants to keep it gray, that palette color I am currently wearing would be the hat color.
I'll look into it tonight hopefully, if I'm not too tired (barely slept last night). Smile

Shouldn't be too complicated though. Worst case, if I don't have the time/can't test it, I'll show you how to do it/what to edit (Fairly simple edits, just gotta know where and what to look for).
Yeah, I've already swapped palette colors so it's just a matter of knowing which palette to go in to to swap.

I've also got an old mod that turned dress slacks into jodphurs/breeches/poofy pants, and I was wondering how to rename the .sat files to get them to replace the basic camos instead of the dress slacks:


I guess the basic camos are another "pants_something_f.sat," correct?
Should be, yes. Best is to look at the pants_ in the /texture/ folder and see if any of them look like the one you mean, though I didn't see camo pants (rushed through it), might be in the alphas of the .dds files though.

One, or I, should really make a list for the clothes sometimes, which is what. Annoying how they have generic names.

Sorry, really want to help ya out and do it, but so tired right now, gotta wake up in 12 hours and still got loads to do. After tomorrow, I should have time though.

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