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Uncolorable Armor?
This seems like it should be plenty easy to figure out, but I'm coming up empty.
What makes certain armor sets uncolorable while crafting them? And how can they be made colorable?

EDIT: Just thought I'd add a bit more info on this.
The problem seems to be solely with the .sat file having a new name. For example, if I rename a shock trooper armor piece .sat to that of a stormtrooper armor piece .sat, I can recolor it. If I rename a stormtrooper armor piece .sat to that of a shock trooper armor piece, I cannot recolor it. If I edit the shock trooper armor piece iff to point to a stormtrooper armor piece .sat, I can recolor it, so it's not an iff issue.
So that is where I'm stuck. I don't know why the name of a .sat would matter unless there is a list somewhere in the tre or code, which I haven't found.
How about the draft_schematic.iff, that has a palette in it I think.... not at home atm so cant check.
The draft schematic iffs originally had palette info in them, but they started grabbing it from the shader files instead in a very early patch. 01 or 02 i think.
Check the shock trooper SAT. might not have a palette in it.
It does. Has mostly the same palette as stormtrooper armor (stormtrooper and stormtrooper stripes), except the leg flaps use stormtrooper pauldron palette instead.
make sure you have all the palettes in your palette folder
Think I've found it. gonna do some testing and let you guys know.

EDIT: Nope.
I feel like it has something to do with the Asynchronous_loader_x.iff files, but i only understand a little bit of those files.
Ok, I've figured it out for the most part. Including Patch 15's customization/asset_customization_manager.iff file into my server has allowed me to color some of the armor that was added in by patch 15. It will still not allow you to color NGE armor, and using the file in sku0_client.toc will crash your game.
I'll work on the file a bit and see if i can add in later armor sets to be customizable, but it looks like something that will just go over my head.
I'll look at this later. I can color pretty much any armor lol

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