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Video Game Screenshots thread!
As the title says, I can't believe you hippies didn't make one already!

No restrictions here, just post your favorite/generic/most hated screenshots from ANY game from any age and any era, any platform, though I doubt you can do that with consoles, but you can take pictures of your monitor/TV if you feel like it!

Everybody is welcome, the MTG founder gods (only two of them really), the badass Vets (like me of course), the regulars, the not so regular, the newcomers, EVERYBODY!

Screenshots/pictures, can be high and low quality, any ratio allowed, I mean I can't give you any more freedom, and freedom comes at a price, so use it well, but use it!

The only thing I'm gonna ask is that you put direct links to your images if they're too big, not only to not kill people's bandwidth for those who have limitations (I'm looking at you Vlock, unless you're back home and not in some camp lost in the desert with your squad!), but also because if the images are too big they will expand the post window horizontally and it'll be a mess to view, unless you want to just edit and shrink your picture even though the quality will be lost, you can also put thumbnails that link to the full picture, it's all up to you, thanks for understanding.


(it seems Davin or Berry fixed the bug for bold/italic/underline, hurray for them!)

Now that I'm done with the opening welcome I have no idea what to post so I'm just gonna add random stuff to fill the blanks and start the chain!

Since I'm on Guild Wars 2 at the moment, I may as well post some of the screenshots I took.

I'm gonna post thumbnails, click on them to see the "bigger picture" so to say, then click on the picture again to see it in full awesomeness!

My first ever screenshot, messing around with my rifle, I had no idea what kind of Engineer I should be, I was weak, but it was so much fun to just come across random people and do events with them, kinda reminded me of SWG back in the day.

[Image: gw001sg.th.jpg]

Two screenshots I took when I was still low level in some swamp around the Asura starting area, it's one of the only times post-processing was used well in the game in my opinion, I disabled it altogether now, extreme bloom/blur and random filters that tint the screen, it could add some ambiance but it's just distracting as hell, and lowers the quality of details on textures for the most part, just like FXAA which I disabled entirely because it's just terrible, so you'll probably see some weird stairs and shimmering/flickering in my next screenshots, I'm still waiting for Anet to add an actual AA option, or at least allow people to force it through NVIDIA/ATI control panels which isn't the case right now, without massive glitches or no effect at all.

[Image: gw003xk.th.jpg][Image: gw002ty.th.jpg]

This is after I finished the Clock Tower jumping puzzle in the big Halloween event for the first time, I felt pretty awesome so I had to take screenshots to show my awesomeness to everyone.

[Image: gw004ia.th.jpg][Image: gw009is.th.jpg]

Random screenshot of my Asura Engineer being badass, my main character and the only level 80 I have lol.

[Image: gw015c.th.jpg]

Screenshots from the Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon after our first run, what a painful experience it was, but full of fun moments, trying for TWO HOURS to get through one part just because it was past midnight and we were all tired so we couldn't think straight, when in fact the solution was way too easy, we vowed not to speak of this outside the catacombs ever again.

[Image: gw018q.th.jpg]

Then I rested with my Guildies in the catacombs after killing the last boss, another Asura Engineer Grenadier and a Human Ranger and her spider pet called Toxicity.

[Image: gw019se.th.jpg][Image: gw033qx.th.jpg]

Then we danced.

[Image: gw032i.th.jpg]

(Just noticed that you're only allowed to post 10 images per post, bah! It probably wouldn't do that with direct links but meh, thumbnails it is!)

(Continuation from previous post)

This was in the Lost Shores event at the beginning when everybody was running to the main event, we were all excited, we were less excited when the MASSIVE server lag appeared and when people started being disconnected randomly, or when a big numbers of people lost connection right before ending the final boss and couldn't log back before the event was over, so they missed the loot chest at the end, let me tell you they were PISSED. I just didn't finish the event, it was too boring even for my standards, ah well, the Winter event will be better at least!

[Image: gw037j.th.jpg][Image: gw039fo.th.jpg][Image: gw040i.th.jpg]

And lastly, screenshots I took a few days ago in the Heart of the Mists the sPVP area, right after getting my Total Makeover Kit to redo my Asura, it's still not perfect but what is really, the red hair color didn't look that bright when I viewed it damnit! Sigh, I'll have to redo it next time again.

At least, she looks like a total badass. No fancy armor with fire on it or anything, just an Outlaw gear that I crafted myself, badass.

[Image: gw047p.th.jpg][Image: gw045w.th.jpg]

I could post more screenshots from others games but it's long enough already, I'll just wait for you people to post yours first!

Fire away!

EDIT: LOL that's hilarious, you can't post more than 10 pictures per post, but if you double post, it'll merge the posts together! So in the end, I get one post with all my pictures, I beat the system!
What if I make a post and you try add more now.
[Image: 2156b479.gif]
(2012-12-06, 09:31 PM)Kayliaah Wrote: (Just noticed that you're only allowed to post 10 images per post, bah! It probably wouldn't do that with direct links but meh, thumbnails it is!)


EDIT: LOL that's hilarious, you can't post more than 10 pictures per post, but if you double post, it'll merge the posts together! So in the end, I get one post with all my pictures, I beat the system!

I had no idea it merged posts automatically when you double post... but oh well, guess it works out OK as it is Big Grin

Also, I fully endorse this idea, I kind of stopped reading the wall of text gaming threads since I'm not currently playing any of the games being discussed but with a screenshot thread there's lots of pretty pictures to look at so it's much more enjoyable Big Grin

Since the last game I played where I took screenshots was SWGEmu a couple of months ago I will post some of those to contribute Smile Oh and yes, I realise the graphics look crappier than usual, this is why I haven't played any recent games Sad

First a few shots of some mods I was working on a months ago, this first one is just the Tatooine loading screen with a nicer picture of the planet:

The rest are just the NGE player houses:

This just because I found the mission name and description funny Blush [immature]


In case you ever wanted to know what a rancor's face looked like inside out, I found it quite funny for some reason Big Grin :

Some nice scenery:

Nicer graphics of that picture:

Marooned CorSec somebody I think, this is in the middle of the ocean in the north-east of corellia Big Grin
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
These days I forget to really take any screenshots with the excecption of obvious screenshot moments.

Here are the couple of screenshots I found from GW2, as you can see the first one pretty much sums up the evil alchemist genius that my little asura is. Although I didn't take many in GW2 I love this particular screenie, worthy of being a wallpaper tbh. Big Grin I know I've got a few more but they're on the other computer, pretty much all of them are boss fights though.

[Image: gw006ni.th.jpg] [Image: gw004t.th.jpg]

And here's a few randoms from SWGEmu. I wish I had my original swg screenshots to show off, but sadly I lost those a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Sad

[Image: screenshot0033v.th.jpg] [Image: standardclonetrooper.th.jpg] [Image: skyfail.th.jpg]

Last but not least... SWTOR is probably the only game in the past couple of years I've consistently taken screenshots in - it was good times with my guild, sucks that when a guild falls apart it can just completely ruin a game for you.

We start with the day I first bumped into the guild that I would eventually join - that would rival the community experience I got from swg - that would become one of the best pvp guilds out there - that I would take over leadership of - and would later fall apart like like bioware. Following that is a truly wonderful gear set from the epic designers of bioware (LOLOL), funny bugs and owning the emperor.

[Image: screenshot2011122923191.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012041401281.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012031811024.th.jpg] [Image: empdeath.th.png]

Guild raiding times at swtors peak, starting right at the good old days when we'd be trying to beat buggy Soa, back when he was actually hard. We'd be up until 2AM playing with his balls sometimes! That joke never got old either. xD Also included a screenshot of our first encounter with bonethrasher, when 6 of us were drunk, half the group had just dinged 50 and all of us were insanely undergeared. That was a fun night lol. Big Grin

[Image: screenshot2012031822304.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012031119582.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012012001062.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012032522133.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012041522344.th.jpg]

Guild activities, the rakghoul event and lots of PVP. Sadly our pvp skills would progress too quick for other guilds to keep up with back in those days, so a lot of the screenshots you see of warzones here would be an annoyingly frequent occurance.

[Image: screenshot2012011923182.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012041518372.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012041519305.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012041519312.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012031700094.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012032121155.th.jpg] [Image: screenshot2012030219333.th.jpg]

And those are some of the decent screenies I was able to dig up, lets get some more up here guys!
Had this baby on old Nova (Pre-OR) on my pike BH... Was fun pwning jedi Big Grin
[Image: b65d656c.jpg]

Here's my jedi in the very early days of old Nova grinding (with saber TEF!)

Old days of emu...

From live (end of CU I think) when my guildmate got kd'd under a rancor, and I made a funny out of it.
[Image: wickedwitch.png]

When I first tried Aion beta.

This guy mad.
[Image: 25613a8d.jpg]
Took a few screenshots today. EVE is one of those games I usually play casually on the side of others since it can take a while to do things in such a large universe, but it's a nice relaxing game to have on the side regardless. (Relaxing is debatable depending on your career choices though Tongue)

CCP's newest expansion Retribution came out recently and it's looking pretty nice so far. Got myself the new mining frigate which is so damn cheap and OP for those interested in gas cloud harvesting like myself. xD Just a few general pics, some ships, planetary interaction, gas harvesting and running away from pirates!

Also included a pic of the insanely over the top character creation EVE has. If you haven't seen it then in a nutshell the level of customization is completely ridiculous, especially for a game in which you rarely even see your character. By far the leading character creation of any game I've seen thus far. The screenshot is actually just of the recustomization service you can access in most stations but the bodymorphing in the initial character creation process is insane. CCP never fail to impress, probably because they always think outside of the box and go the extra mile.

[Image: 201212100117.th.jpg] [Image: 201212100102.th.jpg] [Image: 201212100105.th.jpg] [Image: 201212100100.th.jpg] [Image: 201212100059.th.jpg] [Image: 201212100108.th.jpg] [Image: 201212100056.th.jpg] [Image: 201212101958.th.jpg] [Image: 201212122010.th.jpg]

I apologize for none of those being particularly exciting or action packed, but as I'm mainly just a trader with a few industrial and scientific activities on the side I rarely get into scary situations, especially with the precautions I take. Not to say it doesn't happen every so often though, because it does and those really are the heart pounding experiences that make EVE so great.

To be quite honest the panic you get in the very first you're about to lose your first really expensive ship, or some insanely pricey merchandise, is an adrenalin filled moment as nostalgic as seeing your first Jedi back in the SWG days. Big Grin
Haha weird, I actually signed up to the trial a few days ago to check things out (including the new ORE frigate which is awesome), it's really making me want to resub! Had some great times in EVE, I'm mostly an industrial player too, mining and salvaging, scanning stuff out, did a bit of market trading as well. Think I'd want to give manufacturing a bit more of a go if I subbed again though, because whilst I've tried piracy (fleetingly) and lived in nullsec for a period, manufacturing is something I've never really done before... not that it's exciting, just that it's a good money maker, especially if you can mine the resources yourself.

Think I will have to wait for a new graphics card before I resub to truly get the full worth out of it though, I can just about run the game at the moment but I still run into low framerates, particularly with detailed planets which is another thing I want to try out Big Grin

In keeping with the screenshots thread here is a picture I took yesterday purely so I had something to post in the thread, I'll see if I can get some better ones in the next few days, found a wormhole into sleeper space today so maybe I can risk my little noob frigate to get some shots Big Grin

(2012-12-10, 03:15 AM)Tonberry Wrote: To be quite honest the panic you get in the very first you're about to lose your first really expensive ship, or some insanely pricey merchandise, is an adrenalin filled moment as nostalgic as seeing your first Jedi back in the SWG days. Big Grin

I can definitely attest to that! Big Grin
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
Haha nice Davin. I also haven't ever tried manufacturing. I'm mostly just a trader and explorer with some planetary interaction on the side. Getting into gas harvesting as well but so far I've only found low end stuff. I'm going to have to fit my cloak and take this shiny new mining frigate into null sec.

Just recently joined a new corp who are doing quite a lot of practice pvp ops so I think I'll dust off my Rifter and get back into some lowbie pvp. Big Grin

As for graphics I can't imagine you'll need too great of a system. I'm actually getting 240fps with SLI enabled and still 120+ fps with a single card lol. It's quite annoying because I'd love to force the settings well beyond the in game settings, especially AA because it looks horrid, but I've tried everything and I just can't seem to force it. If only I could wipe out those damn jaggies... It would leave me with an utterly perfect looking game.

If you decide to resub and need a bit of an isk boost let me know.
Youtube channel, will be 10 months working on it on the 23rd:
[Image: yt-1.png]

The PC I want to redo:

Want to sort out cable management & swap out the C:\ I went ultra cheap on that hdd which was stupid, the 2nd one is fine. Got to say I wish Vegas Pro 12 would bloody hurry up and support Kepler Core nVidia cards, got to use my GTX 470 for rendering atm.

The game which is essentially my part time job now:
[Image: Screen24.png]

Total work on my yt is insane but thats because I got not much better todo real management of it would only be like 10 hours every 2 weeks and I get paid on par with a full time job.

Got loads of University work todo right now though, Christmas is going to be full of that instead.
[Image: 2156b479.gif]
(2012-12-12, 04:42 AM)Uli Wrote: Got loads of University work todo right now though, Christmas is going to be full of that instead.

I can second that... Thankfully once I get this written work out of the way I'm relatively confident the coding stuff I have afterwards should be quick.

I'd be impressed with all that by the way, if your content wasn't LoL. (I recently started enjoying Dota 2 Tongue)

Seriously though it's impressive numbers regardless. I have a mate who is doing the whole YT thing as well, though his content is mainly DayZ so you either love it or hate it. I've been intending to set up an account to put up some class pvp guides for various MMOs, but I just haven't got the time and I don't want to start something I can't put some solid work into.

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